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    Busta Rhymes Throws Drink at Woman For Touching Him Inappropriately

    Busta Rhymes is not the kind of person who welcomes fans touching him without his consent. In fact, he recently threw a drink at a woman for touching him inappropriately.

    He is an American rapper and actor, known for his halting ragga-inspired style and lyrics defined by incredible complexity and inventiveness. He is one of the most idiosyncratic personalities in rap’s golden era.

    Busta Rhymes throws drink at woman who touches him inappropriately 😳

    — HipHopDX (@HipHopDX) February 14, 2023

    Video of the incident has gone viral

    If you’ve ever been to a concert, you’ve likely been touched by fans. Rappers are often very receptive to their fans and it’s a normal part of their shows. However, there seems ti be an uptick in crazy fans lately.

    However, if you’re Busta Rhymes, you don’t like it when people touch you without your consent. This is why he recently threw a drink at a woman who inappropriately touched him during a performance in Las Vegas.

    The viral video sparked debate on boundaries and consent. It’s unclear what exactly happened during the show, but a woman appeared to approach Busta Rhymes and begin to pinch his butt. As he turned around, he threw a drink at her in an attempt to retaliate for what he perceived to be a violation of his personal space.

    The rapper has previously thrown shade at his fans for grabbing his butt during concerts, but this is the first time that he’s been caught throwing a drink at someone who touched him inappropriately. According to Entertainment Tonight, the incident took place during Busta’s appearance at the MAGIC Fashion Trade Show in Las Vegas.

    It’s not uncommon for rappers to get groped during their shows, especially by overzealous fans who want a photo with their favorite artist. In a recent clip, Busta Rhymes was irritated with a woman who attempted to touch him during a concert and promptly slapped her, stopped the music and scolded her with a “f*ck your mask!” The rant has gotten some backlash online, but some people have pointed out that Busta is a huge celebrity and should have some self-respect.

    This resurfaced video of Busta Rhymes’ anti-mask tirade has been shared all over Twitter, and some fans have taken to the social media platform to voice their disapproval. The “Break Ya Neck” rapper slammed mask mandates and lockdowns during a show back in June, and this video of his rant went viral on Tuesday.

    In the clip, Busta Rhymes argues that government mask mandates are a form of surveillance and they “take our civil liberties away.” He also warns that wearing a mask isn’t a good way to stay healthy because it restricts the ability to breathe.

    The incident took place in Las Vegas

    Rapper Busta rhymes is not a fan of being touched inappropriately by fans, so when he saw a woman grab his backside in a Las Vegas airport, he didn’t hesitate to react. In the video, you can see the 69-year-old rapper throwing a drink at the woman after she groped him.

    During the incident, Busta was walking with his entourage through an airport, and when the woman reached his backside, she started to touch him inappropriately. The rapper quickly turned around and threw the drink at her, according to the video.

    The incident has sparked discussion online about the boundaries of consent and how people should behave when they’re in public spaces. Many people are saying that it isn’t okay to touch people without their consent, especially when it’s something as personal as your butt.

    However, others have argued that it is fine to touch people if you’re comfortable doing so. They’ve questioned why this woman felt the need to violate Busta Rhymes in the first place.

    Meanwhile, a car crashed into pedestrians on Las Vegas Boulevard in front of the Paris and Planet Hollywood hotels on Sunday afternoon, killing two people. Police haven’t identified the driver, but the crash seems intentional.

    Another car crash on the same road on Saturday killed a woman and her child, while a motorcycle plowed into a group of pedestrians in an apparent act of revenge. The driver fled the scene, while others called police to report the incident.

    A Las Vegas police spokesman reported a BMW X6 speeding, colliding with a stationary vehicle in the left turn lane near the Paris Hotel. The driver sped off, but police later arrested her on suspicion of reckless driving and other charges.

    Several other incidents have occurred in Las Vegas recently, including a fatal car crash on the Strip and a mass shooting at Lovers & Friends Festival. These incidents have sparked hysteria and have caused a rush of people to leave the venue.

    Busta’s reaction has been criticized

    Hip-hop icon Busta Rhymes recently threw a drink at a woman who touched him inappropriately. The video sparked online debate.

    It’s not uncommon for fans to touch a rapper performing live, but it’s important to remember that this isn’t a normal practice and shouldn’t be encouraged. That said, Busta doesn’t like it when fans touch him inappropriately, so it’s understandable that he would be upset when the fan did this.

    The incident took place at an airport. As the rapper and his entourage were walking through the terminal, a woman crept up to them and tried to touch him. She then grabbed his backside, and he immediately threw a drink at her.

    He then turned around and walked away, but the incident has sparked debate on social media regarding boundaries and consent. Some people have defended the rapper, saying that it was his right to react to the situation. Others have pointed out that it was an obscene and unnecessary act.

    While it’s clear that Busta didn’t mean to hurt the woman, he did something very wrong. He should have taken a step back and let the woman go at her own pace. If she was so intent on touching him, then she should have asked for his permission before doing so.

    Aside from the fact that it was an obscene and unacceptable act, it’s also illegal to drink while in public. It’s not even clear if the drink hit her, but he could have been sued for assault if it did.

    Fortunately, the woman didn’t end up getting hurt, and the incident has sparked discussion about consent and appropriate behavior in public spaces. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this is a very sensitive topic, and it is best to discuss the issue with your loved ones before sharing any information about it online.

    The incident is unfortunate, but it’s not the first time that Busta has made comments about women touching him. He also had a lot to say about mask mandates in a viral video, and that has sparked some criticism from his fans.

    Busta’s legal team has yet to comment

    Video of a woman throwing a drink at Busta Rhymes has gone viral, sparking discussion about consent and appropriate behavior in public spaces. The incident took place in Las Vegas, where a video of the alleged mishap was posted online on Tuesday (February 14).

    Although the footage does not show whether the drink hit the woman, it appears that she did touch Busta in an inappropriate manner. The incident has sparked debate about the appropriateness of touching an artist in public, and fans have been calling for a ban on this type of behaviour.

    Busta Rhymes has been a fixture in hip-hop for more than two decades, and he is known for his outlandish style and lyrical prowess. He has worked with numerous artists over the years, including De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest.

    His career began in 1989 when he formed the East Coast hip-hop group Leaders of the New School with his brothers Charlie Brown and Dinco D. They soon gained a reputation for their advanced rhymes and unique style, which featured a heavy use of Jamaican slang.

    The group released several albums over the next few years, including A Future Without a Past in 1991. They also appeared on a posse cut from A Tribe Called Quest entitled “Scenario,” which helped them gain more mainstream recognition.

    After the group disbanded, Busta became a solo artist. His 1998 album Extinction Level Event (Final World Front) was an international success, achieving a number of Top 10 hits.

    He has remained an influential figure in the hip-hop community over the years, and he continues to create new music with his signature lyrical skills. He recently released a new EP, The Fuse Is Lit, which features artists such as Big Daddy Kane, Conway the Machine, Skillibeng and Capella Grey.

    In addition to his musical career, Rhymes is a renowned fashion designer. He has designed a variety of clothing for artists including Beyoncé and Jay-Z. He has also served as the head of his own label, The Conglomerate Entertainment.

    However, his legal team has yet to comment on the latest controversy surrounding him. Messages left for his representatives and a former lawyer have not been returned.

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