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    BRS Kash’s “Throat Baby(Go Baby)” Makes It To The Big Leagues

    Releasing a hit song takes time. For East-Atlanta based rapper BRS Kash, though, it only took one lewd single. At just age 27, Kenneth Duncan Jr. aka BRS Kash, has yielded massive success from his first-released single “Throat Baby(Go Baby).” It’s like the old saying goes, a song can make or break an artist. After millions of songplays and airplays, as well as millions of streams, BRS Kash officially made the big leagues.

                BRS Kash’s Stardom Didn’t Happen Overnight

    Throat Baby Go Baby
    via GQ

    The internet pretty much turns any artist into an overnight singing or rap sensation. BRS Kash’s dreams, however, took a little longer to become a reality. Last month, the rapper revealed to GQ Magazine, that it took him 15 years to make it into the industry. Most people would’ve given up, but the 27-year-old held on tight to his dreams. He had no idea that his single “Throat Baby(Go Baby)” would make him a huge rapstar.

    The East-Atlanta rapper explained to GQ Magazine that he first realized his dream at just 12-years-old. In grade school, he and his friends performed at Tucker Middle School’s Talent Show. BRS Kash shared that despite his shyness, he loved the adrenaline rush he received from the crowd’s applause. From that moment on, he knew he wanted to become a rapper. Though, the journey to becoming a rap giant took a while.

    BRS Kash revealed that he often crashed on friend’s couches, refused to find jobs, and scrounged for money just to support his life-long dream. Friends and family often doubted his dream. Many of his loved ones told him that “several artists are already doing this” and asked “What makes you think you’ll be any different?” Fortunately, BRS Kash blocked out all the negatives and only focused on the positive. Fifteen years later, the new talent would produce the biggest hit in rap music, “Throat Baby(Go Baby).” That just goes to show you, the haters don’t matter.

            “Throat Baby(Go Baby)” Achieves Early Success

    Throat Baby Go Baby
    via The FADER

    BRS Kash’s rise to fame may have taken 15 years but it was worth the wait.  The rapper’s hit single “Throat Baby (Go Baby)” has managed to take the number 1 spot on the Billboard charts. The song even secured an RIAA Gold certification, the highest status any artist can reach. After one year of it’s release, the track has become the biggest song of 2020. The mega hit brought in a total of 300 million streams alone. BRS Kash’s single even granted him several accolades such as Rap Caviar’s Top 10 Artists To Watch. BRS Kash’s “Throat Baby(Go Baby)” became an even bigger hit after the remix dropped with Da Baby and City Girls featured on the song. Given that he’s made it big this early on in his career, let’s hope that he keeps the momentum going.

    What do you think of the BRS Kash hit song? Is it a hit or a miss?





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