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    Brooklyn Nets force Kyrie Irving to Complete List Before Returning

    Many believe the Brooklyn Nets are attempting to make an example out of star player Kyrie Irving. However, the Nets are doing everything and their power to ensure he’s fit to be associated with going forward. As a result, the franchise suspended him for at least five games with no pay, according to Ryan Morik for Fox News. This is not a hard maximum; it can be even longer.

    Before returning, the Nets are giving Irving a to-do list of six steps he must tackle before he can return to the Nets, according to The Athletic.

    The Brooklyn Nets revealed the six steps:

    1. Apologize for sharing the movie link on October 27, denounce the false and harmful content, and clarify the absence of anti-Jewish beliefs.
    2. Fulfill the agreed-upon anti-hate initiatives outlined in the joint release by Irving, the Nets, and the Anti-Defamation League on November 2, which includes a $500,000 donation to organizations combating hate and intolerance.
    3. Complete sensitivity training and anti-antisemitic/anti-hate education provided by the Nets.
    4. Arrange meetings with the Anti-Defamation League representatives and Brooklyn Jewish community leaders.
    5. Once steps 1 to 4 are accomplished, meet with owner Joe Tsai and key franchise officials to demonstrate understanding of the impact caused, the lessons learned, and assurance that such behavior will not recur.

    Brooklyn Nets Front Office Thoughts on Irving’s Return

    They’re allowing grace and time for Irving before they allow him to realign with him. While Irving believes they have said the right things, they must see actions partnered with these words to prove their sincerity.

    “We’ll give him time,” said Nets general manager Sean Marks on Friday. “It’s his choice. What he does will matter more than what he says, and if he decides to be part of it, we’ll see what happens.”

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