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    Brittney Griner’s Legal Team Exposes Russia for Improper Arrest

    After her fifth appearance in court on July 26, Griner’s legal team established that her arrest on February 17, at Moscow Airport was improper. Before arresting suspects police officers every where are required to read suspects their rights, known as miranda rights. This lets the criminal defendant know that anything they say could be used against them in court. In other words it is a right to silence without the presence of an attorney. Griner was not accompanied by an attorney at the time of her arrest or questioning. Her rights were not explained before her arrest, this illustrates an improper arrest by the Russian officers.

    Unfortunately, being in a foreign country made the incident difficult for Griner. She explained that need to use google translate to make sense of the whole situation.

    Nonetheless, Griner was denied a fair chance. She spoke to officers and signed papers that she did not understand landing her in the horrible predicament she is in now. She could receive a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison for admitting to drug possession and smuggling in Russia.

    Griner’s Testimony

    The WNBA and FIBA star expressed during previous court dates that the cannabis oils found in her luggage was medical marijuana prescribed by the Arizona Department of Health for athletic injuries (knee inflammation and ankles).

    To avoid disqualifications, failure of drug test or simply disappointing her team Griner never used medication before tournaments or games.

    Griner says she had no intention on bringing these items into Russia for use, as her recent drug test illustrated that she was clean. She had no intention on breaking the Russian drug law, she was completely aware of it.

    Prisoner Swap Option

    Griner’s detention in Russia continues after 161 days. Awaiting the outcome/ decision of her trial a prisoner swap is still being negotiated. The United States has offered to swap Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, 25 year sentence, for Griner and Paul Whelan. Russia and America must first come to an agreement to release our fellow Americans detained in Russia. President Biden signed off on the offer but there is no deal on Russias end.

    The Russian deputy fears that once if this prisoner swap takes place It will encourage other exchanges and raise tension. This exchange would be the second prisoner swap to occur through the Biden administration. It seems to be a tough decision for them but due to the publicity or Griner’s situation our government must do its best to help the wrongfully detained WNBA star.

    Griner will appear in court again on August 2nd. Until the court makes a decision her detention is extended to December 20th.

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