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    British Heavyweight Champion Julius Francis Still Got it

    Quite often many boxers struggle to look for a profession after their boxing career has concluded. Former British heavyweight champion Julius Francis has found success in being a security guard. This past weekend, he was forced to stop a heckler from spitting at customers and other security guards. As a result, he was knocked out cold by a former heavyweight champion.

    In his prime, he fought Mike Tyson, meaning he was the real deal. Although he lost to Tyson, not many can claim they fought Tyson, and even fewer can say they’ve defeated him. In so many words, Francis doesn’t lose respect for losing to arguably one of the greatest fighters of all time.

    The footage of the knockout was fairly entertaining, however it was a bit lengthy. Naturally, this footage of the knockout went viral. The CEO Roger Wade came to Francis’s defense and tried to support him in the best way he knew how. Wade left a statement on Linkedin.

    “My understanding is that Julius and our security team spent 15 minutes stopping this man and his friends from abusing, spitting at, and hitting our customers and staff,” Wade added. “They carefully escorted him from the premises under constant provocation and violence.”

    “Finally the person approached Julius in a confrontational manner and he defended himself,” Wade continued.”Acts of violence or abuse to any staff members should never be tolerated. … Julius Francis, ex-UK heavyweight boxing champion, is one of the nicest people I have ever met and helps train young underprivileged kids boxing in his spare time.”

    “How would you react if someone approached you violently? What would you do next if you were in my shoes? #istandwithjulius.”

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