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    Breonna’s Mother; BLM organization profits on our pain.

    “Black Lives Matter is a Fraud”

    Breonna Taylor’s Mother, Tamika Palmer, says that Black Lives Matter, Louisville Chapter is a fraud. The grieving mother remarked that BLM did a lot of work in Breonna’s name but she didn’t see any help actually happening. The mother claims that BLM was fundraising and profitting on victims’ family’s pain. “I haven’t had personal interactions with BLM. I could be in a room with people who say they support Breonna’s family, but they don’t even know me.”

    Tamika Palmer writes on FB
    Tamika writes on fb BLM Louisville chapter is a fraud Breonna Taylor BLM

    Breonna Taylor Shot Five Times Duing No-Knock Warrant

    Breonna Taylor was murdered in her own home after a no-knock warrant was executed by Louisville officers.  Taylor was only 26. Breonna Taylor was shot at least five times and killed on March 13th, during a mistaken drugs raid. Although, no drugs were found.

    Tamika Palmer writes on FB
    Tamika Palmer writes on fb BLM Louisville chapter is a fraud Breonna Taylor BLM Mural Wave News

    Breonna’s family didn’t get a trial. Nor, did they get accountability from the officers. The family did receive a $12 Million settlement. In addition to the money, the settlement includes police reforms such as requiring senior officer approval for all search warrants. Breonna’s family collaborated with Until Freedom, a social justice organization (not BLM). Regarding the settlement, the organization stated, “No amount of money can bring back Breonna Taylor.”

    “Simply providing monetary settlements does not constitute true justice,” stated Until Freedom. “We demand the arrest and charging of those responsible for her murder. Accountability and justice are what we truly need.” Sadly, Breonna’s family did not receive the justice they sought, as the officers involved were not charged.

    Tamika writes on fb BLM Louisville chapter is a fraud
    Tamika writes on fb BLM Louisville chapter is a fraud | Wave News

    Chauvin’s Verdict; Not Done Fighting For Those Who Have Not Received Justice.

    The Verdict is in. Chauvin’s trial verdict was rendered leaving many were feeling a sense of relief. A collective breath was released. Chauvin stood trial for causing George Floyd’s death by pressing his knee against Floyd’s neck for nine minutes.

    Breonna’s Mother, Tamika Johnson, remarked on Facebook. “Justice has been served today, but our fight for justice continues for the victims and families who are still waiting,” Palmer expressed in response to the guilty verdict in Chauvin’s trial. The mother still stands vigiliant for the many families who didn’t get that closure in their trials or proceedings.

    BLM Using Fundraising Funds For Own Gains?

    Palmer further expressed her thoughts on the Black Lives Matter organization in her Facebook posts, stating, “I’ve seen you all raise money for Breonna’s family, but they have never done anything for us, nor have we requested or needed it. So, let’s address the issue of fraud.”

    BLM founder, Patrisse Cullor, was accused of misappropriation of funds when she purchased four properties. One of the properties Cullor bought was a $1.4 million home in upscale LA . The claim is she used funds that were raised to help Black Lives causes and create political change to purchase her many properties.

    Patrisse Cullor
    Tamika writes on fb BLM Louisville chapter is a fraud Patrisse Cullor BLM founder | Twitter

    Founder, Patrisse Cullor, received backlash from many families who claimed that the founder used their suffering to leverage herself a better lifestyle, with blantant disregard to the families she exploited. So, is the claim true or is this another attempt at propaganda so disparage BLM?

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