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    Brandi & The Alexanders Bring Back Disco Funk In “Watch You Dance”

    Everyday, artists try to come out with the next best thing. They’re eager to reinvent music genres and even change the scope of the music scene forever. Though, others like Brandi & The Alexanders go back to the classics. The 5-piece, genre-bending, soul-rock band from New York strives to bring back disco funk with every new track they release. 

    Originally acting as an R&B cover band, they started releasing their own original material in 2016. Drawing heavy influences from Southern blues music and 70s funk, the band dropped their debut album How Do You Like It? in 2018. 

    Following the album’s release, Brandi & The Alexanders opened for various musicians such as Moonchild. Additionally, they headlined festivals like Chicago area’s Naperville Ribfest, which was a dream come true for their lead singer Brandi Thompson. 

    In 2021, the funky band experimented with new sounds, productions and techniques. The end result led to their newest project, REFLECTIONS, an accumulation of Thompson’s personal narratives and life experiences as a Black woman in America. The EP, slated for release in September, touches on several different aspects of Thompson’s life, such as family, heartache and self-confidence.

     It even discusses temptation, as seen in her recently dropped track “Watch You Dance” off the upcoming EP. Brimming with disco and funky vibes, the band’s newest track tells of the instant attraction between two young lovers meeting on the dance floor. 

    The Disco Funky Dance Track We All Need

    In an ever-changing music scene, originality and nostalgia rule above all else. Brandi & The Alexander’s “Watch You Dance” off their upcoming EP REFLECTIONS certainly offers a refreshing distraction from the norm. Reminiscent of Prince’s Purple Rain album and echoing an era of music long forgotten, the track brings back funk and disco. It’s the kind of music our parents listened to and now it’s found a home in today’s world.

     Furthermore, “Watch You Dance” talks of how the two young lovers meet on the dance floor. By mid-song, they engage in the tango of love; dancing close but not too close, and swaying their hips to the beat of the song. The song gives a settle recount of young lovers dancing together and lusting for each other. Most of all, they’re living for the “now” and not thinking about tomorrow.  

    Inspiration Behind The Song

    Brandi & The Alexanders
    via WFUV

    When it comes to inspiration, Lead singer Brandi Thompson had several influences to draw from for “Watch You Dance.” The singer and her funky band listened endlessly to Tina Turner records, watched 70s gangster films and were influenced heavily by Blondie’s early years. With so much great material to work with, Thompson could take her pick of any. Though, the Chicago native wanted to focus mainly on her own personal experiences. 

    During a press release, Thompson recalled a time she had the urge to dance but didn’t like any of the music that was currently out. Instead, she focused on what she’d want to listen to in a love song. “I thought about how I would feel – dancing close to someone who was not my partner, feeling the temptation to get closer to their body, forgetting your responsibilities and obligations and vows,” she said. If you’re a fan of the Black Pumas, Alabama Shakes or even just wistful young love, then give Brandi & The Alexanders a listen. Be sure to check out their new music and all their upcoming projects.  


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