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    Boston Celtics Star SF Jayson Tatum Might Surpass Kevin Durant

    Boston Celtics star SF Jayson Tatum continues to shock the world and push the envelope. While many understand the excellence of Brooklyn Nets Kevin Durant, Milwaukee Bucks Giannis Antempkaeumpo, and Los Angeles Clippers Khawi Leonard represents. However, it’s undeniable that Jayson Tatum has found a way to etch his name among these guys for that crown. Yesterday evening, Tatum was rewarded his first All-NBA First-Team which forced Philadelphia 76ers Joel Embiid to be pushed to the second team.

    Consider the impressive nature of Jayson Tatum’s 2022 stats. This season, he averaged 26.9 points, eight rebounds, and 4.4 assists throughout the regular season. He did this all while shooting insane splits for the second half of the season, 45.3/35.3/85.3 splits, according to ESPN.

    Naturally, Tatum received tons of support from fans and his teammate after being rewarded with honors. Tatum’s game has helped his counterparts also elevate. Many don’t take into account how much of a threat Tatum presents to defenses. His uniquely broad and wide frame matched his elusiveness and quickness allowing him to get anywhere on the court and be a force. Not to mention, his advanced shooting ability for someone his size, is nearly Durant-esque.

    Joel Embiid vs. Jayson Tatum Votes 

    There was a very tight race between Tatum and Embiid in votes for the first team. Many were confused by Tatum’s selection simply because Embiid was in the running for MVP for the majority of the season. Ultimately, Embiid dropped to the second team simply because Nikola Jokic won the MVP award at the center position. It seemed illogical to place Embiid over the MVP; however, Tatum was the clearcut favorite amongst SFs around the NBA.

    The elevation of his game on the offensive ball like no other, as well as, his defensive abilities. This situation bothers most NBA players simply because it affects their money come negotiation time. Ironically, last season this exact issue cost Tatum millions of dollars when Brooklyn Nets SG Kyrie Irving made the All-NBA third team instead of Tatum. If he would have made it, he would qualify for the max.

    As of now, Tatum can boast two All-NBA selections on his resume and now a max ($175 million) contract. Better yet, if the Celtics can prevail and win two more they can advance to the NBA Finals which only adds to his legacy.

    Has Tatum Surpassed Kevin Durant?

    Unfortunately, Boston fans are extremely optimistic and biased. However, they make great points and cases against the opposing take. However, Durant is still significantly better than Tatum as of now. In several years, this can be manipulated and changed as Durant begins to age and fall slightly out of his prime vs. a Tatum who is beginning to enter his prime and continuing to improve year by year.

    Durant battling injuries and off-the-court antics and personality seems to be playing an effect on his gameplay. Much of the Nets’ focus has been off the court while Tatum’s situation seems to be more under control and less toxic. Yet, they still expect nothing short of greatness from Durant and it appears Tatum’s expectations are beginning to grow similar. After Jayson Tatum’s 2022 season stats, many will be expecting him to lead the Celtics to the championship. His roster is loaded with talent and not many contract stipulations that will restrict this team from continuing to prosper.

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