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    BOSSIIE: UK Artist Talks New Single Covid Blues, Her Aspirations

    Upcoming UK artist, BOSSIIE is electrifying radio waves with her new single “Covid Blues”, a raw track, an aesthetic. BOSSIIE sits down with HypeFresh to answer a few questions.

    Meet BOSSIIE.

    UK Artist BOSSIIE

    The artist graciously shares details about “Covid Blues” in which she wrote during the lockdown period.

    “Seeing so many people suffering during the lockdown gave me the urgency to write something that would encourage people.”

    She explains that we should take advantage of technology that which facilitates communication, regardless of being on lockdown.

    BOSSIIE’S visual for the single is funky and colorful, also motivated by the lockdown during COVID. It reflects the bright side of things.

    “I did not want to create around the sadness that lockdown subjected us to,” BOSSIIE recalled.

    The music video is the romance that kept the fire burning between lovers, in spite of the lockdown. A direct image of cheering people up, inspiring them to live like life goes on.

    A few of the ladies of HypeFresh wants to know who the handsome man is in your video? BOSSIIE explains that he is a mutual friend. The director suggested a tall, handsome man—a dark skinned brother with great teeth and a beard that connects.

    “He is super professional and a man of his word, shout out to my guy Ril,” she said.

    Furthermore, BOSSIIE details her workout routine because her body is banging! She spends an hour walking and dancing every chance she gets. When it comes to the gym, she works out 3-4 times a week. In fact, most of her workouts consist of gym equipment, weights and cardio.

    BOSSIIE’S background roots from South Africa although she was raised in the UK.

    “My background has a massive impact on my music,” BOSSIIE explained.

    Having exposure to a plethora of sounds,  cadences and languages allows her to be creative and cultivate a unique sound. She sings and raps Southern Sotho, and Zulu. She looks to use Afrikaans, English and Xhosa in her upcoming projects.

    More on BOSSIIE

    “I really liked Kelis growing up and when she came out with “Bossy” produced by Bangladesh, I made a decision that in life I too would be a boss,” BOSSIIE said. “Shout out to the Queen Kelis.”

    That is when BOSSIIE’S journey began as a boss.  The artist relays searching her name on YouTube would be difficult so she uses two SS, two II, and one E. She wants her YouTube videos to be easily accessible.

    HypeFresh talks with BOSSIIE about the challenges of being a female artist in London.

    “I have lived in so many countries, living in London is the easiest,” she said.

    She is thankful for hot water to shower, Internet and being able to eat whatever and whenever she wants. She’s honestly living the dream, the challenges are good ones.

    “Challenges educate me, there is nothing I can’t handle,” BOSSIIE proclaimed.

    BOSSIIE opens up with us about her aspirations of working with a few important producers. For Amapiano- Mas Musiq, DBN Gogo, Musa Keys, Busta 929, Felo le tee, Mellow and Sleazy, Major League DJs and Sea Matrix. In music and film, Hans Zimmer. For R&B and Hip-Hop, Noah 40 Shebib.

    She explains that those are only a few of many to name.

    Find BOSSIIE:

    TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram: @bossiiepage


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