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    Boosie Tells Says Put Down the Fentanyl, Go Back to Crack

    2023 Just Started and He’s Already Trying to Set It Off!

    Louisiana rapper Lil Boosie has contributed more than his fair share of controversial takes over the past few years. From his legendary Boosie Badazz Instagram livestreams, to his hot takes on other celebrities’ sexualities and gender preferences, one Boosie will always do is express himself.

    The “Set it off” rapper is wasting no time in 2023, having already received backlash from his tweet on Sunday. He shared a video of him telling drug users to pick their poison, advising them to trade in fentanyl for crack if they can’t manage to kick their drug addiction altogether. “That fentanyl shit is way stronger, if you can’t shake it go back to crack” he claimed in a recent Twitter video.

    There are not too many celebrities that are Boosie’s age who can keep the youth’s attention like Boosie can, his peculiar takes and brash delivery are guaranteed to make many users’ ears perk up. The rapper made light of drug addiction, claiming that crack heads are funnier and have a longer lifespan than fentanyl users.

    Every time I open Twitter and see that iconic Boosie Fade at the top of the page, I know I’m bound to hear something funny and controversial.

    What else can we expect to hear from Boosie Badazz? Do you think his antics are going to get better or worse from here? Let me know in the comments below!

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