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    BONES Highlights His Legacy in Video For ‘InLovingMemory’

    Video: BONES – “InLovingMemory”

    Critical Praise for BONES:

    “The rapper from Michigan was among the first and most influential artists to emerge from SoundCloud during the early 2010s. With a distinct aesthetic, an air of mystery, and a sound that would be imitated by many in the genre for years, he made a lasting impact.” – HYPEBEAST

    “Bones is a highly influential artist in the rap and SoundCloud scene, and his momentum continues unabated.” – HYPEBEAST

    “With his brief tracks, eerie videos, and concise tweets, O’Connor garners millions of interactions from a dedicated fan base. This support has propelled him to sell-out shows in 25 cities, catching the attention of the hip-hop community.” – The FADER

    “Elmo Kennedy O’Connor developed a fascination with Southern artists from No Limit and Cash Money during his pre-school days. As he grew older, he embraced the rap persona Bones and gained a dedicated cult following. His gothic lyrical style, preference for short songs, and lo-fi visual aesthetic have attracted a quarter million SoundCloud subscribers to his rap collective, TeamSESH.” – HotNewHipHop

    The Video:

    BONES keeps his fans hooked with his extensive music catalog and regular releases. In order to satisfy his dedicated online following, he has unveiled the music video for “InLovingMemory.” This track, featured on his recent album of the same name, showcases the underground sensation’s unapologetic and fierce nature right from the impactful opening line: “I enter your space and watch it turn into a grave.” True to his enigmatic persona, the video portrays a gloomy graveyard setting that complements the haunting beats produced by Greaf. Notably, BONES’s son Howl makes his first appearance in this standout track, indicating his potential to follow in his father’s footsteps.

    The Album

    BONES dropped InLovingMemory in June, captivating listeners with a raw glimpse into his mysterious mind. The album showcases his versatility as he navigates through different styles and genres. Tracks like “AnyLastWords” deliver paranoid rhymes over dark trap beats, influenced by ’90s Memphis rap. On “BrandNewExpectations,” BONES opens up with heartfelt lyrics complemented by Midwest Emo-inspired guitar hooks. The album takes an unexpected turn with “TwasTheDarkestNight,” a moody dancefloor anthem blending driving beats, expansive synths, and even a horn section. Produced by TeamSESH’s Lyson and others, InLovingMemory is now available on all major platforms through EMPIRE.

    InLovingMemory marks BONES’s third album of 2021, following the collaborative project PushingUpDaisies produced by Deergod. The album showcases the impeccable chemistry between BONES and Deergod, with standout tracks like “PopRocks” gaining praise from Stereogum. Additionally, BONES has made his earlier albums under the name surrenderdorothy available on streaming platforms for the first time. With InLovingMemory, BONES reaffirms his distinctiveness and desires recognition while he’s still alive. Expect more music from BONES in the near future.

    Watch “InLovingMemory”:

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    Check out BONES’ recent interview in Interview Magazine:

    InLovingMemory tracklist:

    InLovingMemory (prod. greaf)

    AnyLastWords? (prod. grayera)

    GoHardHuh (prod. Stereoryze)

    RainCloudsFollowMe (prod. lyson)

    WhiteBoyRick (prod. ?)

    DemolitionFreestylePt3 (prod. lyson)

    P250 (prod. Stereoryze)

    BrandNewExpectations (prod. lyson)

    ChatLog (prod. greaf)

    SawedOff (prod. lyson)

    EverybodysFavoriteScumbag (prod. lyson)

    Hitchhiker (prod. Grey Cigar)

    IThinkIWillBeOk (prod. greaf)

    Focus (prod. Kamil & Secretive Suicide)

    Zippo (prod. lyson)

    SoulFood (prod. lyson)

    TwasTheDarkestNight (prod. lyson)

                                    Please contact Michelle or Kerry for more info.

    BONES Background:

    BONES has become an iconic creative staple among hip-hop artists from the early 2010s. The TeamSESH founder has dozens of albums, racking up hundreds of millions of streams and entertaining his loyal fan base. Although BONES maintains his independent and underground status, his music has gained recognition in the mainstream. In 2015, A$AP Rocky sampled BONES’ track “Dirt” for “Canal St.” (124 million streams), and he has secured prominent slots at festivals like Rolling Loud as part of Seshollowaterboyz, alongside Xavier Wülf, Chris Travis, and Eddy Baker.


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    PushingUpDaisies (w/ Deergod):

    “PopRocks” (w/ Deergod): /


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