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    Bolt vs. Hill; Gold Metal Against Superbowl Ring

    Usain Bolt puts his Gold Metal up against Tyreek Hill’s Ring

    Olympic Gold Medalist, Usain Bolt says that the two athletes got into it because they were both gatorade sponsored athletes. Naturally, both being extremely competitive started discussing who would win between them. The confident athletes both stated they would come out victorious in a Bolt vs. Hill match. Thus, spanning this entertaining back and forth between them.

    Then, Bolt recounted, “[Tyreek Hill] was like how he could take me, and he was talking, ‘blah blah blah,’ but then I went to the combine one year, and if you go on the internet right now, I ran a 4.22 in my sweats and some shoes. I told Tyreek, ‘You got no chance!'”

    Usain Bold challenges Kansas City Chief’s wide receiver Tyreek Hill to a race. Usain Bolt wanted to compete against the NFL player in 100 meter dash. But, Tyreek wanted 40. Dan Patrick suggested that they compromise to a Bolt vs. Hill 70 meter race.  To increase the wager, Dan Patrick starts instigating between the two athletes suggesting they put their money where their mouth is. Or shall we say their greatest achievements by Bolt putting up Gold medal against Hill’s Super Bowl LIV champion ring. Bolt says, “That would be big.”

    While Bolt is hesitant to say that Hill could take him at any length, Tyreek claims on his twitter page that he’s good to go.

    Usain Bolt Proves He Still Got It.

    In a video tweeted out, Usain Bolt runs a sample 40 yard dash with a time of 4.22.

    Challenge Set: Bolt vs. Hill

    In a video featured on, the two athletes, Bolt vs. Hill, are shown competing in a bunch of small speed challenges with the minute to win it vibe to them. With their egos on the line, they battle on in any challge they could think of. But who would really win in a race between the two? Who would you wager on?

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