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    Bobby Shmurda Release Has People Asking Why Was He In Jail?

    Rapper Bobby Shmurda’s upcoming release from prison has prompted the question why was he in jail?

    It appears that many people didn’t know why Booby Shmurda was in jail. As news broke of the rapper’s release from prison, google searches increased for why he was in to began with.

    If you didn’t start dancing when you saw the above clip, you are probably one of the people googling why Bobby Shmurda was in jail.

    Following his 2014 viral hit “hot n*gga” that populated the “shmoney dance,” Bobby Shmurda was set for big things. However, the Brooklyn bred rapper wouldn’t get to enjoy the fruits of his labor for long. The same year police arrested Shmurda, whose real name is Ackquille Jean Pollard, his girlfriend, and 14 other gang members. The charges were conspiracy to murder, reckless endangerment, and weapon possession. The prosecution even used some of the rapper’s lyrics against him and his crew.

    Facing a maximum of 25 years, the rapper struck a plea deal for seven years and has come to the end of his sentence.

    According to Migos member Quavo, things won’t be all bad for Bobby when he gets out. Quavo told billboard during an interview:

    “I’m going to pick up Bobby Shmurda myself. He’ll show you how I’ll do it, yes, sir.”

    He mentioned Bobby Shmurda’s music plans and said, ” it’s gonna be big.”

    Fans are already anticipating the “first day out” track from Bobby, and we are too.

    Let us know your thoughts on Bobby Shmurda’s release in the comments.

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