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    Bobby Lytes Calls Out The Barbz For Stirring Up Rap Beef

    Despite all the great music female rappers make, not all of them receive their “flowers.” For one, Nicki Minaj still hasn’t received recognition from the music industry for paving the way for upcoming female artists. Not saying she’s the founding mothers of the female rap game, but she’s well deserving of an elite title.

    Her fans, the Barbz would agree as well. Although, their latest melodrama with Love & HipHop Miami’s Bobby Lytes may have taken things too far. Lytes has since accused Minaj’s diehard fanbase of being responsible for pinning female rappers against each other. In particular, the reality star blamed them for drudging up old beef between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. The fans do love drama.

    Bobby Lytes Just Wanted To Show Support To Cardi B

    The Barbz
    via MTO News

    Feuding online never ends well. Not to mention, arguing with another star’s fanbase basically ends in social media murder. Furthermore, Bobby Lytes received backlash after showing love to Cardi B on her verse in Normani’s “Wild Side” song. The rapper’s only intention was to show support for all female artists. Apparently, the fans didn’t by the reality star’s act.

    Furthermore, the Love & HipHop star took to Instagram to fight back against all the backlash he received from the Barbz for supporting Cardi B. On Friday, the star wrote a lengthy message to Nicki Minaj’s fanbase, telling them to “stop spreading the hate.” Additionally, he accused them of acting like a militant determined to pin female rappers against each other. Lytes even addressed Nicki Minaj and Cardi B’s epic 2019 fight, noting that both women have moved on from “that old beef.” The two rap Queens may have moved on with their lives, but clearly the fans haven’t forgotten.

    The Barbz Attack Bobby Lytes Again

    The Barbz
    via TVShowcast

    Unfortunately, the Barbz didn’t let up with their backlash toward Bobby Lytes. Many of the Barbz accused the Love & HipHop star of acting “messy” and “sticking your nose in places they don’t belong.” One fan tweeted the comment, “I hate hypocrites! @bobbylytes you were the main one dragging the beef just because Nicki decided not to do the MV with your cousin! You always input yourself into s**t that has NOTHING to do with you! YALL BLAME THE BARBZ FOR EVERYTHING!” Clearly, this Barbz had enough of Bobby Lytes. Furthermore, they suggested that the reality star drudged up the beef between the two rap Queens. The fan took things a step further by alluding to the “BAPS” controversy surrounding Minaj and Lytes famous cousin Trina. So much for showing love to female rappers.

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