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    Blueface Challenges Rubi Rose’s Dating Views: Unmasking the Bible’s Directive on Men and Pursuit

    Blueface challenges Rubi Rose’s dating views. The pursuit of excellence is often thought of in terms of competition and being better than others. However, this can be misleading because the Bible is clear that a person’s success should not be measured by his or her performance in relation to those around him or her, but rather by how well one does in light of God’s standard for life. Unmasking the Bible’s directive on men and pursuit.

    Blueface responds DDG’s girlfriend Rubi Rose

    As the drama between DDG and Rubi Rose continues to play out on social media, the “Thotiana” rapper Blueface has weighed in with his side of the story. The ‘Respect My Cryppin’ rhymer has taken issue with the raptress/model for her role in leaking DDG’s DMs to Chrisean Rock, who’s been linked to his ex Halle Bailey.

    Speaking of relationships

    Blueface made a big splash in hip-hop last year. The emcee’s song “Respect My Cryppin’” went viral, and the rapper’s image soon followed suit, as he was dubbed “Thotiana.” Blueface has continued to ride that wave this year by releasing more music. The rapper has even started touring high schools to meet fans.

    However, he’s recently gotten into trouble over a comment he made about fellow influencers Chrisean Rock and Jaidyn Alexis. The internet personality called the pair “relationship goals [for real]” on Instagram, which led to a back-and-forth between them online.

    Blueface Gets in Trouble With His Baby Mamas

    It seems that Blueface’s comments have riled up his baby mamas, and the rapper/vlogger had to defend himself for the remarks on social media. He also seemed to take offense to the backlash from his followers over the controversial post.

    The alleged “thot” went on to say that “she’s been in the game longer than you,” which caused the rapper to lash out at the “Thotiana” star. He then posted a series of tweets comparing himself to the YouTuber and her shady past.

    The emcee also pointed out that he is loyal to the School Yard Crips street gang and isn’t afraid of getting jumped. He has even had to shoot at a guy who tried to rob him. But he doesn’t want people to think that his raps are haphazard or off the cuff. He says he spends hours writing his songs and plans everything out beforehand. He’s adamant that his polarizing style is pre-meditated and planned. This approach has garnered him a massive following. He has over 10 million Twitter followers and has been cosigned by West Coast rap giant Ice Cube. He’s currently on his second album. He’s also signed with long-running rap label Cash Money Records.

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