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    Rapper Blueface Arrested In Vegas On Attempted Murder Charge

    I am the type of person who never wants to see a black person incarcerated. But as much as I hate to admit it, sometimes there can be some good that comes from an arrest, like the situation I’m about to bring up. After months of being spammed, I think we’ll finally be reaching a point where we will no longer be forced-fed Blueface and Chrisean Rock news content. If you haven’t heard, they recently arrested California rapper Blueface while in Las Vegas.

    Now the arrest was not random or as spontaneous as a traffic stop. The feds actually had an active arrest based on the alleged crime they said he committed. Allegedly, the rapper busted his gun at someone in public. Doing something so carelessly and recklessly earned him an attempted murder charge.

    Everything Doesn’t Stay in Vegas

    This isn’t something that just happened, either. Apparently, this incident transpired last month while the rapper was visiting Las Vegas, Nevada. This has to be the cities responsible for the most celebrity incidents. Coincidentally, the alleged victim made sure to leave a paper trail so that his claim was more believable. On the day of the event, he tweeted, “I got jumped and was shot last night by Blueface outside the strip club”. He definitely just made the prosecutor’s job easier.

    To make matters worse, the bond for his arrest is pretty pricey at $50K. But to him, that is probably the least of his worries. His biggest concern is TMZ, which is notoriously known for snooping on celebrities’ business. Somehow, they obtained actual footage of him committing the alleged crime. This is just another instance of TMZ working harder than the actual police themselves. Because they will surely use this 4K footage in court against Blueface.

    Trending for the Wrong Reasons

    This is not the way I expected Blueface content to be put to a stop. But if he is guilty, as the evidence suggests, he will get his day in court. But if he’s innocent, then I hope justice will be served. Hopefully, the next time that he is trending, it is for your music.

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