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    Blasé Lux Drops New Single “Find Myself”

    Blasé Lux, an alternative artist, has just unveiled his latest single, “Find Myself.” This introspective masterpiece delves into the realm of mental health struggles and self-discovery. The track envelops listeners with profound chords and a velvety lead synth, conjuring an ambiance that mirrors life’s journey.

    Hailing from Long Island, NY, Blasé Lux is a versatile singer, songwriter, and producer renowned for his DIY-style electronic drum beats, funky synths, and resonant chords. Nurtured by his father’s early musical influence, he began crafting music at a tender age of 12, utilizing GarageBand.

    After a solitary musical journey, Blase encountered Chrissy Minajj in 2016, contributing to the formation of the 9600 collective in 2019. Subsequently, he directed his efforts towards producing beats for various artists, including Deem Spencer, Coach Wave, Chrissy Minajj, and James Droptop.

    “Find Myself” serves as the inaugural single from Blasé Lux’s upcoming solo project, “The Escape Theory,” an endeavor he both penned and produced. With his distinctive sonic palette and artistic flair, Blasé Lux emerges as a noteworthy figure in the realm of alternative music, deserving of attention.

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