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    Black Panther Actress Leticia Wright Injured On Set

    Leticia Wright injured while filming for Black Panther.

    Black Panther star, Leticia Wright, was reportedly hospitalized. After shooting a scene in Boston, the actress sustained an injury from a stunt rig accident. However, Marvel released no details regarding what kind of injury, she sustained. They only stated that it was not severe and that she will recover quickly. 

    Black panther ii: wakanda forever
    Black panther ii: wakanda forever; Leticia Wright injured on set.
    Tchalla’s sister takes up the mantle of black panther.
    Shuri, standalone Comic release.
    Kingdom of Wakanda TV Series for Disney +.
    Rights reserved to Marvel and Disney

    Marvel put out a statement about Leticia Wright injured on set

    Letitia Wright got minor injuries during a stunt filming for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. She’s in a local hospital receiving care and will be released soon.

    Black Pather
    Black Pather Actress Leticia Wright Injured on Set. Wakanda forever.

    The injury was considered minor and will not impact shooting. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever sequel will be released July 8 2022. Fortunately, Wright will be released from the hospital shortly and continue on with shooting schedule as planned.  

    Leticia Wright Becoming the Lead in Black Panther

    The 27-year-old, Guyanese-born British actress plays Shuri, T’Challa’s younger but brilliant sister. Most notably, Shuri is Wakanda’s most talented inventor. Recently, Wright received some controversial press. This occurred when Wright opened up on Twitter regarding vaccinations. 

    Wakanda forever.
    Black panther ii: wakanda forever
    Tchalla’s sister takes up the mantle of black panther.
    Leticia Wright injured on set while shooting scenes for sequel. Rights reserved to Marvel and Disney

    Initially, Leticia was set to play the lead.  But after her comments regarding vaccinations, many believed that it wouldchange her role in the film. Nonetheless, Marvel seems to be moving along as planned. So, it’s safe to say she still will hold a crucial significance moving forward in the Black Panther universe. Wright’s character Shuri will take over as Black Panther as Wakanda processes the loss of T’Challa. Additionally, there will be Wakanda spinoffs on Disney Plus, to coincide with the films release. 


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