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    Black Boy Fly: The Exhibition by Joshua RenFroe

    Black Boy Fly Photographed by Joshua Renfroe, a new york-based photographer is heading for his second exhibition run this Saturday at Savant Studios located at 1463 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11216. 

    Exhibition by Joshua RenFroe-1

    The Photobook with a total of 240 pages, all Photographed by Joshua, throughout 2018 is a series highlighting subjects, experiences, culture, and most of all Blackness. Designed by Fred Sands IV, The 240-page book features big-time models like Ahamad, DARYL DISMOND; along with special pops up by Dapper Dan and more.

     “I have been shooting unreleased content that portrays the narrative of things black men coin, accomplish, and battle, featuring concepts such as sneaker culture, fatherhood, brotherhood, police brutality, music and more.” – Joshua Renfroe

    Exhibition by Joshua RenFroe-2
    Exhibition by Joshua RenFroe-2

    Photographed By Jason Davis 

    Independent Art Is Still Important!

    Black Boy Fly is a good way to bring this decade of black representation, one and off-screen, to a close. Even more, this masterpiece shines a light on the importance of independent art. Telling a visual story by black people about blackness on the scale that he has acquired is inspirational. It’s without certainty that something that other black creatives can admire and learn from.

    “There is beauty and power in independent art. The value one gains from executing ideas that are authentic to their purpose as an artist is priceless.” – Joshua

    can’t wait to see what more Joshua has in store for us in the new decade. His book is available to pre-order now at for $50 USD.

    lastly, Check out his work and tell us your thoughts!

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