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    Blac Chyna Illumanti’s Mother Rants on Instagram

    Blac Chyna’s mother Tokyo Toni rants about her alleged Illuminati involvement on Instagram this weekend, alleging that she’s “marked for death.”
    While it’s easy to wonder why Toni would make such bold claims about her daughter, it appears that her daughter isn’t the only one who is feeling the effects of her alleged involvement with the mysterious group.

    According to a recent article from AceShowbiz, Chyna is now dating a 20-year-old Soundcloud rapper named Kid Buu, who claims that he is a clone and a member of the secretive society.

    Tokyo Toni Denies That Blac Chyna Makes 20 Million A Month - "..and you got your mama still hustling on the corner, something is wrong with you.” - Emily CottonTop

    Tokyo Toni also believes that Kid’s claims about being a clone are true. She says she feels as though her daughter is “controlled by the Illuminati” and is unable to speak on certain matters without their approval. She also states that she has tears streaming down her face because of her fears for Chyna’s well-being.

    It’s clear that Chyna and her new boyfriend are showing a lot of love for each other, which is a sign that they may be closer than ever before. However, it’s unclear whether the star is truly over her mother or if she just wants to get her out of her life as quickly as possible.

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