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    Birth Control vs. Weight: Latto Quits The Method

    Big Latto, short for lottery, seems to be in the headlines again for fan criticism. The lyricist faces consistent backlash since the controversy about her former name, Mulatto. Fans denounced the name as it is a derogative term that categorizes persons who are half Black, half white. Recently, fans criticized Latto’s weight, causing her to take to the Internet. She announces on Twitter that she will be quitting birth control in lieu of weight criticism. According to Hot New Hip Hop, Latto shares a few DMs from Instagram from fans who are body shaming her.

    Latto's DMs

    She said that a fan persistently suggests her to get liposuction surgery stating, “Get lipo in your arms and your back your gonna look wide.” Are fans’ brutal honesty taking a toll on the 777 artist? Although celebrities may seem to have it all, they are still human beings with feelings. Latto defended herself by posting screenshots of the DMs saying that, “I thought I was losing weight, looking good…..Ian gone lie sis u struck a nerve cause I’m on day 2 of my no food just juice cleanse right now.”


    Because this is such a controversial subject, HypeFresh wants to take a closer look at both sides of the spectrum. That spectrum is birth control vs. weight in African America women. Does birth control led to more weight gain in Black women?

    Birth Control vs. Weight in Black Women

    Planned Parenthood is taboo in America, making it an uncomfortable subject in all regards. Birth control is a method used among women all over the world to prevent unwanted pregnancies. However, women all over the world suffer consequences of wanting basic human rights—control of their own bodies. For those who are beyond the stigma and statistics, there lies a larger elephant. Obesity in the Black community is more than common, shockingly increasing the mortality rate. Does birth control affect Black women more than white women?

    According to Reuters, researchers found that when using long-term contraceptives like IUDs and implants, Black women are more likely to gain weight. For white and other women, they experience weight loss or slight weight gain. On the other hand, Black women gain on average 4-6 pounds. As a result, more women are more than likely to stop using it. Methods such as the pill, ring, some shots and the patch all contain both estrogen and progestin. For some women, the use of birth control is necessary to treat painful periods, anemia, endometriosis, PCOS, heavy and irregular periods. Therefore, withdrawing from use may not be a seamless journey, according to Clue.

    What Are Our Options, Then?

    Non-hormonal contraceptives such as condoms, spermicides, diaphragm, cervical cap, etc. all help in preventing pregnancy. Although these methods are efficient, they are not always convenient. Outercourse or ‘pulling out’ is considered a method; however, WebMd states that 22 out of 100 women will get pregnant.

    Are there other methods to treat conditions rather than birth control?

    Body Shaming is a No No

    Body shaming is never okay. To have your flaws showcased in front of the world, like Latto, is humiliating. Spread more love and positivity to women.

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