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    Bikini Hiker Falls Off Mountain and Plummets To Her Death

    A woman, known as the “Bikini Hiker,” took her last climb.

    Gigi Wu, known to her followers as the Bikini Hiker, was hiking up Taiwan’s Jupen Mountain. Wu was said to be making the climb on Saturday before she fell.

    According to CNN, Wu fell about 30 meters deep into a gorge, where she suffered injuries to her lower body. Unable to move, Wu placed a phone call to a friend, revealing that she had been badly injured during the hike.

    Rescuers from a fire department were notified, but unable to retrieve Wu, due to bad weather conditions. However, by the time rescuers were able to locate Wu, it was too late.

    Wu was found dead on Monday. It’s suspected that her cause of death was hypothermia.

    Since her death, her many fans have paid their finals respects on her social media pages. It’s been said that her signature-style posts got their start after she lost a bet to a friend. After she lost, she was required to post a photo wearing only a swimsuit on a mountain’s summit. Since then she continued to do it, thus, giving her the nickname. Apparently, she wore at least 97 bikinis and took 100 hikes over a course of four years.

    She was 36-years-old.

    Thoughts? Did you follow the Bikini Hiker? If so, how do you choose to remember her? Leave your comments below.

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