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    Big Scarr’s Uncle Speaks Out: “He Suffered A Lot Of Trauma In His Life”

    Recently, the rap community suffered another loss. Gucci Mane’s protege Big Scarr passed away due to a drug overdose on prescription pills. Unfortunately, the 22-year-old suffered a horrible death. In the wake of his death, Scarr’s uncle recently spoke out on his nephew’s untimely passing. According to him, Scarr went through a lot of trauma in his life that unfortunately may have led to his death. 

    Big Scarr’s Uncle Speaks Out About His Nephew’s Death

    Death of a family member is never easy to deal with. Big Scarr’s uncle Arthur Woods recently made a statement that offered some insight into his nephew’s death. Woods shared that Scarr suffered several traumatic events throughout his life, starting from the time he was 16-years old.

    TMZ reported that the 1017 signee was involved in a near-death car accident. At the time, the teen was thrown from the car’s windshield. Furthermore, the accident left behind a huge scar on the star’s body. Then in 2020, the rapper got shot. A bullet traveled up his spine, which led doctors to remove his entire appendix. Unfortunately, Big Scarr had several emotional and physical scars.

    His Name Represents The Trauma In His Life

    Rappers come up with the most outrageous stage names. Though, some rap stars chose a name that actually has meaning behind it. Furthermore, Big Scarr’s name represents all the trauma he’s endured throughout his life. Unfortunately, Scarr has suffered and witnessed more than the average 20 something year old. Even worse, his troubles started in his teens. Hopefully, Big Scarr has finally found peace.

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