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    Big Jade Goes Off On Her New Freestyle Track “Before The Deal”

    Musicians aren’t just recognized for their lyricism and songs. Like so many other entertainers, they gain notoriety for their other talents. Rising female emcee Big Jade doesn’t just work as a hair stylist for a living, she also raps. The Texas native proves that rappers can multitask in music videos, whether that be playing the flute or juggling. Big Jade proved to fans that she can put on a front-lace wig, while spitting bars like nobody’s business. The 26-year-old’s fast-speed rap flow and her explosive energy make her a refreshing presence in a male dominated music genre. Big Jade carries on that chaotic energy in her new track “Before The Deal.” The female emcee flexes so hard on the song her male competitors can barely keep up.

    Big Jade Represents Herself As A Self-Made Artist

    The rap scene has received an influx of female talent from Houston, TX. Stars like Megan Thee Stallion and Lizzo both hail from H-Town and have effortlessly dominated the rap scene. Other aspiring female rappers like Asian Doll and Erica Banks have quickly rose to stardom. Small town rapper Big Jade recently joined the ever-growing list of Houston female emcees making it big.

    The 26-year-old’s discovery came after posting videos online of herself spitting bars.Her short yet intense trap songs caught the attention of Houston producer BeatKing. The fellow artist offered to mentor Big Jade as well gave her some of his fieriest beats. Her Beatking-produced “RPM”, however, helped propel the aspiring emcee’s career. The music video showcased the artist’s multitasking skills as she spit bars at rapid speed, all while doing a client’s hair. Her rap style even resembles other artists like Busta Rhymes and Eminem. Like the HipHop icons, Big Jade makes no apologies and keeps it real with her fans. “It was real. That’s how I grind and get money. “I’m not making rap money yet; I’m popular on Instagram. Rappers are afraid to admit they do other things to pursue their dreams. Where do you find the money to invest in yourself and make things happen? That’s where it all starts for us,” Jade shared in an interview. The female emcee maybe pursuing a rap career but she cuts hair to keep the bills at bay.

    Big Jade might not have to worry about the stress of keeping her financials together after recently signing to Alamo Records. With a record label backing her up, Big Jade hopes that she’ll make it in the rap industry. Her new freestyle “Before The Deal” might just be the big break she needs.

                Big Jade Flexes On “Before The Deal” Track

    Before The Deal
    via Hype Off Life

    Clearly, the Texas rapper possesses the gift of rapidfire rhymes. Her tracks “Respectfully” and “Then Leave” both showcase the rapper’s epic and blunt lyricism. In others like “Phone Jumpin” and “RPM”, the emcee raps while even doing hair. Clearly, rapping comes effortlessly for the emcee.

    Her new freestyle track “Before The Deal,” however, tops all her songs. Big Jades shows off her fast-talking flexes and blunt-force bars in lyrics like this: “I know that you hot/F*ck what you talkin’ about/You envy that I made it out.” The girl hardly takes a breath in between beats. In the music video, Jade makes a literal ascension to fame and pairs it with a metaphorical rise to the top, hence the fancy hotel background. “Before The Deal” is Jade’s latest effort since her recent single “Respectfully.” We look forward to seeing more from Big Jade.

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    “Before The Deal (Freestyle)”:

    “Respectfully” ft. BeatKing & Queendome Come:

    “Phone Jumpin”:


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