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    Big Head Bandz Understands His ‘Destiny’ In 2022

    Jason’ Big Head Bandz’ Johnson understands the difference between dreaming and destiny.

    Understanding the value and power of your purpose is priceless in life. Connecting your purpose with a high level of discipline equals success. Pursuing dreams within our minds is an expensive luxury to maintain. Navigating through fear, uncertainty, and unthinkable darkness is not created equal. Also chasing destiny is a never-ending marathon.

    Possessing the ability to grow, change, and innovate humanity is reserved for natural-born visionaries. Living against the grain of life enables people to challenge themselves at the highest level. Walking the path of most resistance provides a person with a unique perspective of their aspirations in life. Battling inner demons and pushing through life’s most challenging moments empowers a person to their highest God-given ability.

    Undoubtedly feeling the raw emotions and feelings of pursuing dreams is an incomparable education. Besides, graduating from the ‘School of Hard Knocks’ reflects the animal ambition of a person’s mentality. Besides, evaluating the cost of your dream versus reality requires deep self-reflection and premium honesty. Especially believing in something only you can see is life-changing, dangerous, and divine.

    Moreover, working towards your goals into fruition defines ‘Championship DNA.’  As well as maintaining emotional balance in a chaotic world illuminates supreme leadership.

    Adapting to life’s biggest challenges allows one to elevate and avoid extinction. Also being inventive highlights a person’s inner desire and willpower to excel in life.

    Pursuing ‘Destiny’ comes at a high price in life.

    Jason’ Big Head Bandz’ Johnson’s birth into this world was sacred and divinely timed. From day one, Big Head Bandz’s parents spearheaded his love for music. Being raised with deep church ties provided Big Head Bandz with an ultra-distinctive frame of mind.

    During his early years, Big Head Bandz walked a tight line between street life and God’s plan for him. Indeed, fighting through temptation, dirty money, and street dreams, Big Head Bandz located his calling with music.

    Big Head Bandz’s music reflects his eccentric ability to create ‘soul’ Hip-Hop music. Without a doubt the latest release, “Destiny,” through his label Got Bandz Entertainment, LLC, underscores his genius’s significance. Big Head Bandz formed a monetization partnership with RADIOPUSHERS in 2019. Moreover, the monetization partnership extends globally.

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