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    Beyonce’s Team Played Sean Paul, Confronted Him On Dating Rumors

    Queen Bey rules all of the music kingdom. The Grammy award-winning star can do no wrong. Everyone knows that Beyoncé and Sean Paul have collaborated in the past. While everyone wants a Beyoncé collab, the Jamaican pop singer wasn’t a fan of the superstar at the time.

    When the pair collaborated over Beyonce’s “Baby Boy” track off her 2003 Dangerously In Love album, the dating rumors started. Ultimately, Beyonce’s team disliked the rumors so much that they etched Sean Paul out of live performances of the song altogether. In other words, Beyonce’s people played him. Beyoncé and Sean Paul were never an item.

    Are They Dating?

    Sean Paul
    via Yahoo UK News

    Beyonce’s “Baby Boy” track may have been a bop. However, it drove a wedge between her and Sean Paul. By the two being the biggest stars on the planet at the time, naturally fans assumed the two were dating.

    During a recent talk with The Daily Beast, the Jamaican pop king spoke about the dating rumors that sparked after their collab. At the time, fans suspected the two hooked up in between studio sessions. Furthermore, the dating rumors led to them performing “Baby Boy” live three times. However, the performances caused some tensions between the artists, in particular Sean Paul.

    He recalled experiencing technical difficulties during live performances such as his mic going out. Another time after a MTV performance in Scotland, Beyoncé confronted the star over the dating rumors. Apparently, the “We Run The World” singer worried that they’d jeopardize her career. She even accused the “Temperature” artist of using the dating rumors to further fuel his career. By the third show, Beyonce’s team removed Sean Paul from the performances altogether. It’s no wonder he feels played.

    Sean Paul Wishes He Hooked Up With Beyoncé

    Sean Paul
    via DancehallMag

    Despite all the sabotage from Beyonce’s former team, Sean Paul says he wishes they had hooked up.

    “She’s beautiful,” the star candidly admitted to The Daily Beast.

    Clearly, Sean Paul has no hard feelings on how things went down between them. Pretty sure many fans would express the same sentiment. After all, it’s Queen Bey.

    Despite the resurfaced dating rumors, do fans want to see a new collaboration with Beyoncé and Sean Paul?

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