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    Beyonce’s “Renaissance” Has Us Dancing For The Gods . . . And Twerking

    Stars come and go all the time. Though, there’s just no replacing Beyoncé Knowles. The star has spent decades in the music industry, turning it upside down several times in her career. She’s recognized as one of the best female recording artists of all time. Additionally, Queen Bey has won several awards throughout her solo career, including 28 Grammy Awards and 79 nominations. Most artists couldn’t even live up to that measure of excellence. After all, there’s a reason why the public refers to her as Queen Bey.

    She made that clear with the drop of 2016 visual album Lemonade, representing Black America in a bold and fearless way. Now, after six years, the Queen has finally made her grand return to the music scene with the release of her new album Renaissance. In typical Beyoncé fashion, the Queen has spent days teasing her new project on social media. Renaissance officially dropped on July 29. On Renaissance, we find Queen Bey herself in her element, dancing on the dance floor and embracing her female sexuality. At the same time though, she’s still repping for the culture.

    Beyoncé Wants Fans To Dance For The Gods


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    When Beyoncé dropped her single “Break My Soul” ahead of the album’s release, it became clear that she had cooked up something new. Many lit magazines and music aficionados have described Beyonce’s new album as an anthem for the dance floor. It’s been a hot minute since Beyoncé got the club “Jumpin’ Jumpin’” but clearly, Renaissance aims to fix that.

    Returning to the dance floor, Beyoncé’s 16-track album explores several themes throughout. Many of them involve female sexuality and empowerment. Beyonce’s no stranger to making love songs. Though, even her earlier tracks like “Cellphone”, “Drunk In Love” and “Dance For You” weren’t on the level of explicitly as her songs off Renaissance.

    Tracks like “Summer Renaissance” clearly pay homage to her husband Jay-Z. Though, the song becomes increasingly graphic, offering an insightful look into the married couple’s love life. “Know you love when I roleplay, who am I now?/I’m a doc, I’m a nurse, I’m a teacher/Dominate is the best way to beat ya,” she sings in the song. In others like “Church Girl,” Beyoncé lets her freak flag fly high and proud as she sings the lyrics, “shaking that a** and them pretty tig ol’ bitties.” Furthermore, “Church Girl” has gone on to become a fan-favorite amongst the masses.

    However, Beyonce’s Renaissance isn’t just about female sexuality. It also touches on themes of self-acceptance and embracing our individuality. Her track “Cozy” finds Beyoncé comfortable with who she is, inside and out. Also, the mother of three turns braggadocios after reminding her competitors that she’s still No. 1 in the music business. In other words, don’t try Queen Bey.

    Beyonce’s Team Of Collaborators Goes On For Days

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    With so much to love on the record, there’s no stopping Beyoncé. Though, she couldn’t have done so without the help of a few great artists. A few days ago, rapper Consequence encouraged rappers to use songwriters to take their music careers to the next level. Beyoncé certainly has made use of songwriters and collaborators over the years. For her Renaissance album, Beyoncé collaborated with everyone from The Dream, Chris Penny, Skrillex, Tems, Nile Rodgers, Luke Solomon, Drake and Pharrell Williams. Clearly, she had the best of the best assisting her with the creation of Renaissance.

    How The Pandemic Influenced Her Renaissance Album

    Existing during the pandemic led many people to seek fulfillment, escapism and freedom. Beyoncé especially was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, which led her to create Renaissance. In a statement released about the record, the Queen of music-kingdom noted that it took 3 years during the pandemic to make the album a reality. “A time to be still but also a time I found to be the most creative,” Beyoncé stated on her website. Furthermore, Beyoncé hopes that her record inspired fans to embrace their inner beauty and stand strong in their freedom, as it did for her. Beyoncé clearly had a ton of creative juices flowing to produce such a great body of work.

    Queen Bey Isn’t Done With Fans Just Yet

    Clearly, Beyoncé has outdone herself with Renaissance. The 16-track album delivers on originality and innovation, while also showcasing the best example of an artist’s evolution. Though, Beyoncé isn’t threw with fans yet. The “Upgrade You” singer announced on her website that there’s still more to come. According to her, there’s a total of “three acts” lined up for us. Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on when or what the remaining acts will consist of. Though, if there’s one thing the beyhive know about Beyoncé, it’s that she always delivers.



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