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    Beyoncé’s ‘Break My Soul’ Offers New Sound

    Beyoncé recently released her song “BREAK MY SOUL” off of her new album, RENAISSANCE. The new track featured two different song samples and several features, which contributed to the experimental twist to the R&B singer’s new sound. In addition, the lovely lyrics and danceable beat have a disco feel

    Big Freedia Returns

    One of those sampled artists is Big Freedia. According to, Big Freedia has been credited for bounce music increasing in popularity as a musical genre. The two had previously worked together on Beyoncé’s 2016 “Formation” which was the hit of her groundbreaking visual album, Lemonade.

    It is believed that Beyoncé’s seventh album will be a direct Lemonade followup. As an iconic representation of the beauty and strength of Black women, it makes sense to expect that RENAISSANCE will follow suit. Beyoncé may have hinted at the theme of empowerment with strategically releasing promotional material to coincide with the celebration of African-Americans on national holidays like Juneteenth. 

    The Beginning of an Era

    Pitchfork describes this track as a “dance anthem signaling the dawn of a fresh era.” The lyrics are perfect for dancing along to Beyoncé’s voice. “Looking for something that lives inside me!” 

    After finding the love, hopefully we will all be sleeping at night as good as Queen Bey does. 

    It’s definitely a new feel, especially because she sampled those other two artists. And maybe the featured artists also have that house sound. Beyoncé has occasionally released super fun dance songs, but her overall body of work is not always for the club. 

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