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    Beware! Scammers Are Using the iPhone 15 Overheating Issue to Steal Phones

    Scammers Are Using iPhone 15 Overheating to Steal Phones.

    You’re excited about your new iPhone 15 but suddenly get a call. The caller claims to be from a primary carrier like Verizon and discusses an iPhone 15 recall. But here’s the kicker – there’s no recall! Scammers are using the real overheating issues of iPhone 15 to trick you into sending them your precious phone.

    Let’s talk about the scam itself. Scammers pretend to be carrier representatives, and they contact iPhone 15 owners. They say they’ll run a diagnostic test to check for overheating issues. Once they find this so called ‘problem,’ they convince you to send your phone to a specific address. They even promise you a replacement phone in return.

    Now, let’s hear a real story. A tech reporter from Mashable, Cecily Mauran, was targeted by these scammers. She got multiple calls after ordering her iPhone 15 from Verizon. The caller claimed to be a Verizon rep, asking if her phone had arrived. They said they’d run a diagnostic for overheating once it was delivered. Overheating reports were everywhere after the iPhone 15’s launch, which made this scam very convincing.

    Verizon has spoken up about this. They say they would never call customers for a recall or product issue. It’s essential to be cautious when you get unexpected calls, especially about recalls.

    Cecily Mauran had a bright circulation to affirm the decision. She is known as the quantity on Verizon’s professional internet site, and an honest Verizon rep showed the call became fake. But here’s the twist: a FedEx truck confirmed up, even after her confirmation. She didn’t give up her iPhone, and the scammer’s plan started to get to the bottom.

    The scammer gave FedEx a false address in Miami, Florida, and a phone number with a Kentucky area code. They even misspelled “returns” and “processing.” But Mauran got another call from the scammer, trying to confirm the pickup. She confronted them, and they promised to have their supervisor call, but that call never came.

    In the end, while we’ve heard about this scam from a few sources, it’s essential to remember the psychological manipulation behind these scams. Scammers exploit real issues to create urgency and fear. So, stay alert, and always verify before taking any action when you receive unsolicited calls. Your vigilance is your best defense in this tech-savvy world.

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