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    Best Rapper Fights Of 2022

    Another year down, another batch of fights in the history books. From street brawls, podcasts, to lovers quarrels, the hip hop community seemingly always has a quarrel to settle. Here are the top 10 rapper fights of 2022.

    10. Tommy Sotomayor vs. Angry Podcast Guest

    The civil war between men and women has been brewing for decades now, and in many cases, tensions tend to escalate on podcasts. Luckily for the angry guest, the scuffle was quickly deescalated and the two separated by other men in the room.

    9. Kanye West vs. An Autograph Hound

    Kanye is widely considered to be in the best rappers of all time, though but he doesn’t have the best relationship with fans and reporters. He’s seen in the video yelling at others around him while the autograph hunter laid unconscious on the ground.

    8. 16ShotEm vs. Flacco

    Though no punches were thrown, many will argue that spit flying is far worse than fists. Tensions were brewing for a while before 16ShotEm sent the first loogie at Flacco.

    7. Tsu Surf vs. rowdy backstage attendee

    Battle rap is one of the grittiest, most ghetto subsections of hip hop. Before a scheduled rap battle with him and Cortez, Tsu Surf managed to get the show canceled all together after an altercation backstage left an attendee unconscious on the floor.

    6. NLE Choppa vs. Youngboy fan

    Youngboy fans are widely considered the craziest, wildest, most die hard fanbase in hip hop. When beefing with Youngboy, it’s not just the gang members that other rappers have to deal with, but his loyal and loco fans as well.

    5. Trae The Truth vs. Z-ro

    In a street brawl that took a surprising amount of time to be broken up, Trae The Truth and company jumped Z-ro during the 50 Cent Tycoon weekend.

    4. Almighty Suspect vs. Lil Kelpy

    In a battle that he instantly regretted picking, Lil Kelpy received a barrage of punches after referring to Suspect in a derogatory way. I wouldn’t call this one a fight so much as a whoopin’.


    3. DaBaby vs. Dani Leigh’s brother

    After a series of drama with DaBaby and DaBaby momma, Dani Leigh, Leigh’s brother felt obligated to defend her. He confronted DaBaby in a bowling alley and instantly regretted it in the slipperiest beat down of all time.

    2. Will Smith vs. Chris Rock

    I guess Will has gotten tired of his wife Jada embarrassing him constantly, so this time he took the initiative and proceeded to embarrass himself on one of the biggest stages in the world. Unlike the other fights on this list, millions of people got to see the assault live, as Will proceeded to slap a comedian for telling a joke… Which is a comedian’s job.

    1. Blueface vs. Chrisean Rock’s dad

    In terms of sheer publicity, Blueface is arguably one of the top 10 rappers of 2022, and I can’t name a single song he released all year! His ongoing drama with Chrisean Rock has largely eclipsed his music career, and the intervention held by her family only made matters worse.

    What are your picks for the best rapper fights of 2022? Are there any that I missed? Make your predictions for what rappers will have the craziest altercation in 2023.

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