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    Best Meg Thee Stallion Collaborations On ‘Traumazine’

    This year, the “Hot Girl Summer” trend has been overshadowed by the rise of “House Music.” Artists like Drake and Beyoncé have explored this style in their recent albums, and now Houston’s Megan Thee Stallion is joining the club. However, her lead single “Her” didn’t quite hit the mark.

    The Traumazine did deliver, but not everyone was satisfied. Megan expressed her unfiltered truth in her second release. While it wasn’t as bad as critics said, it didn’t reach the level her fans claimed either. Still, it’s one of the top projects of the summer. The featured artists were undoubtedly the best part. Here are my three favorite features from Traumazine.

    1. “Pressurelicious” (ft. Future)

    I must say, Meg is more generous than me because I couldn’t confess spending $250,000 to get Future on my album. If I were her, I’d keep it a secret forever. Still, she can rest easy knowing it was worth it as Future Hendrix nailed it with his verse. My only complaint is he should’ve had a longer verse for the hefty price she paid.

    1. “Budget’ (ft. Latto)

    Finally! I’ve waited so long for Latto and Meg to team up on a song. It all began when Latto appeared in the “Wap” music video. Well, my wish came true last week. Meg and Latto sound fantastic together. It’s great to see female rappers collaborating and supporting each other instead of feuding. I hope they keep collaborating, even release a joint album, as their fierce styles complement each other perfectly. Fingers crossed!

    1. “Who Me” (ft. Pooh Shiesty)

    I’m thrilled about Memphis rap’s comeback. Project Pat and Juicy J paved the way for the new generation. Even though Pooh Shiesty from 1017 is currently in prison, he’s my favorite among them. His hunger and determination shine through. Pooh delivered an amazing verse on “Who Me” for Meg, putting his heart into the song out of love for music. I hope he gets released soon, and we can see them perform together on stage. This song is sure to get everyone hyped. We should release Mr. Shiesty because the rap game really misses him.

    If this album didn’t meet your expectations, no worries. It’s rumored that this was Meg’s final obligation to her label 1501, so she may not have gone all out. Take this album with a pinch of salt because her next release will be even better. This album shows Meg’s energy and proves she’s here for the long haul, whether you’re a fan or not.

    Let us know what collaborations on Traumazine stood out to you.

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