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    Bella Hadid’s Bold New Bald Look for Marc Jacobs

    Bella Hadid’s Amazing Makeover in Marc Jacobs’ Cool Fashion Pictures

    Bella Hadid is a super cool model, and she did something super exciting! In pictures for Marc Jacobs‘ Fall 2023 fashion collection, she changed her look many times. It’s like playing dress-up, but for grown-ups!

    In some pictures, Bella shaved her hair and looked like a robot. It’s not a real robot, just her pretending to be one. She also wore fancy boots called Kiki Boots. They must be super special!

    Bella didn’t do all this alone. She had some friends help her. Evanie Frausto did her hair, and Sam Visser did her makeup. They are like magicians but for hair and makeup. They made Bella look so different in each picture.

    One time, Bella took a picture with a pretend person called a mannequin. This mannequin had blonde hair that flipped out, like a fairy tale princess. Bella looked like a princess too!

    The best part is when Bella met a real robot in one of the pictures. Robots are like machines that can do cool things. It’s amazing how fashion and robots can be friends in pictures.

    Bella also changed her hair back to her normal brown color in the end. It’s like when you wear different costumes but then go back to your regular clothes. Bella can be a chameleon and change her look whenever she wants!

    So, Bella Hadid had so much fun playing dress-up for Marc Jacobs. She showed that fashion can be exciting and make you look like a different person. It’s like a big, fun game for grown-ups, and Bella is really good at it!

    Remember, it’s not just about clothes. It’s about having fun, trying new things, and being your awesome self, just like Bella Hadid. Fashion is a big, colorful world, and Bella explored it in the coolest way!

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