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    BEEJ’s “Anywhere (The Wind Is Blowin’)” Shares The Roots Of His Sound

    Emerging singer and songwriter BEEJ recently released a new single entitled “Anywhere (The Wind Is Blowin’),” which showcases his brilliant and captivating talent as he does not fail to stun his fans with his unique performance. 

    “Anywhere (The Wind Is Blowin’)” is a song that incorporates pleasant working of the verses merge with the moment creating a passage to another dimension that we can cross without fear. Their tones are good to follow, and their energy will easily model with ours, allowing the benefit to be mutual and lasting.

    BEEJ brings this song to us, hoping we appreciate the sound currents surrounding us. Holding the hands of this sound and stepping in one piece as it orders so as not to break the fragile balance we are about to unravel.

    Stream “Anywhere (The Wind Is Blowin’)” on Spotify

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