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    Bebe Rexha’s Post-Coachella Shenanigans: Twerking in a McDonald’s Uniform!

    Bebe Rexha, the power chart-hitting singer, was trending just a few days ago due to her outstanding performance at Coachella 2024 that took place on April 14 and was held at the Empire Polo Club located in Indio, California . Bebe’s setlist, which included originals and covers, was performed in two acts and featured a special guest, David Guetta, who came on stage with her as they played their dance anthem “I’m Good (Blue).”

    However, the show wasn’t over yet. The stunt continued when Bebe surprisingly went to McDonald’s after the performance . However, it wasn’t a normal visit for food. In a funny mood, the singer took one of the employee’s uniforms and began twerking in McDonalds. The act of Bebe Rexha twerking while wearing McDonald’s uniform was definitely one of a kind, making it an event that attracted her fanbase and the media.

    This incident also reflects Bebe’s fun-loving nature and her ability to let go and make the most of any situation, even after a massive concert like Coachella. Bebe Rexha is the perfect entertainer to keep everything exciting – both on and off the stage.

    Bebe Rexha

    Fans were just as impressed when the video of Bebe twerking went viral; they admired the star’s carefree nature and ability to turn every place into a party. While eating donuts at McDonald’s or at the concert, Bebe is the ideal entertainer to have around! And that’s why her courage to do so was so rewarded by millions of followers.

    In addition to her songlist, she sung covers for some of the famous musicians such as David Guetta . The two sang their dance hit I’m Good . Due to the performance and her McDonald’s post-coachella experience, the Bebe Rexha subject took a while to die down after the event.

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