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    Baylor’s Clutch Defense Ends Villanova

    As stated before, I chose Villanova to go to the finals this year to play Gonzaga. That will not happen. I believed in the no. 5 seed Wildcats to do something special when most counted them out due to injury. Their Sweet 16 game vs. no. 1 Baylor, however, did start in favor of Nova. They played competitively and led by 7 at the half. But that’s why there’s two halves. Baylor’s clutch defense saved The Bears in the end.

    The Bears found themselves in trouble when not getting the usual production from two of their top scorers. The whole team also struggled from behind the arc. It was out of character for the no.1 seed. As a result of this lack in offense, they turned up the D to another level.

    Baylor Digs Deep

    Bears guard Davion Mitchell swiped two big steals in the midst of a 16-4 run in the second half. This trickled down to the rest of the guys and caused the Bears to become a defensive phalanx. Baylor’s clutch defense carried them the rest of the way, creating a fury of costly Villanova turnovers.

    Villanova pulled within five as the game clock neared all zeros, but it was too late. A few free throws put the nail in the coffin for the Wildcats. Final score, 62-51. Baylor now has a chance to make its first Final Four appearance in 71 years with a win against Arkansas. To be honest, if Baylor’s clutch defense coincides with their ability to hit threes, they might just take this whole thing.

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