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    Bay Area’s B-Jada Makes Formal Introduction With ‘Diamond’ Album

    Bay Area artist B-Jada releases his first album called “Diamond.” The album includes 17 songs, including the popular single “Rep Da Set,” featuring collaborations with Lazy Genius, Boots Greene, ZellyMack, King Cydal, and MC Pat. It’s an excellent showcase of B-Jada’s remarkable talent and represents his finest work so far.

    B-Jada unveils “Diamond,” a project that reveals the multifaceted nature of the artist’s bold, confident, and high-energy persona that captivated audiences last year. It goes beyond the surface and delves into the story of a determined individual striving for success by any means necessary. Through tracks like “Favorite Rapper,” “Smug,” “Selfish,” and more, we witness the artistic brilliance of a game-changing musician in today’s music scene. “Diamond” marks B-Jada’s breakthrough into the mainstream, setting him on a path for success.

    Similar to influential albums like “These Things Happen,” “My Ghetto Report Card,” and “Born to Mack,” Jada’s latest creation required meticulous preparation. Although it represents his best work to date for many, the album’s development faced several interruptions due to other commitments that surprisingly contributed to its creative growth. Jada reflects on the process:

    “The entire journey was truly memorable. It may sound cliché, but it’s the truth. This album was initially intended for release a year earlier, but I was simultaneously working on multiple collaborative projects with various artists, and that naturally pushed back the release date a few times. I wanted to build anticipation for ‘Diamond.’ One particular moment that stands out is when I worked on the song ‘Smug.’ The track actually feels like two different songs, transitioning from a traditional rap vibe to a melodic, synth-driven ambiance. For the second part, I brought in Boots Greene, an incredible vocalist who has toured with Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and others, to contribute to the chorus. When he sent me back the song, he not only blessed me with his vocals and harmonies but also added some amazing 808s and subtle yet impactful sounds that elevated the overall quality of the record. It was a pleasant surprise because all I had initially asked for was vocals. It was a cool little bonus for me.”

    From start to finish, B-Jada’s solo effort is captivating and addictive. “Diamond” serves as a gateway to his latest collaborations, such as “One of Dem Ones” with King Cydal and “This is a Jawn” with Boots Greene. All this new music builds anticipation for B-Jada’s upcoming project scheduled for an early 2022 release. In the meantime, enjoy “Diamond” and explore B-Jada’s complete catalog, available on all major streaming platforms. Stay updated on B-Jada’s journey by following the rising star on social media.

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