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    Bay Area Legend Zumbi Of Zion I Dies At Age 49

    This year the HipHop community lost several rap legends, like DMX and Mr. Humpty Hump. Now tragedy has struck the HipHop community again when the HipHop legend Stephen Gaines aka Zumbi of Zion I passed away. The rap king had died at just 49-years-old. Since his death, celebrities and fans have mourned over his death. Some sharing tributes over social media while others gave Zumbi his “flowers.” However, the Zion I’s family believes that he died under suspicious circumstances. Moreover, they have since opened up an investigation to discover what led to the artist’s untimely death.

    Zumbi’s Death

    via The Sun

    Zumbi, the iconic figure from the Bay Area, sadly passed away on August 13, 2021, at Alta Bates hospital. According to a statement released by his family, Zumbi passed away from unknown causes. Though, reports did reveal that the Bay Area legend frequented the hospital due to complications from Covid-19. Additionally, one of his closest friends DJ True Justice stated that he “died from a severe asthma attack.”

    Unfortunately, Zumbi’s family has been unsuccessful in pinpointing the exact cause of death but believe it happened under mysterious circumstances They have since called upon their acting lawyers Elizabeth Grossman and Lyn Arge to investigate the death of Stephen Gaines. “It is our sense and the family’s sense that something very terrible went on in the hospital that caused his death,” said attorney Elizabeth Grossman. Additionally, the Berkley police stated that they received a call that a patient engaged in an altercation with the nurses and security staff. That’s certainly enough reason to investigate Gaines’ death even more.

    At this time, the family has asked the public and fans to allow them time to mourn in peace. It’s our hope that the family receives the answers and justice they need.

    The Bay Area Legend’s Influence On HipHop Culture

    via SFGATE

    Stephen Gaines better known as Zumbi of HipHop iconic group Zion I was a force to be reckoned with He and his partner in crime Amp Life attended the historically black college of Morehouse during the early 90’s. After linking up, they formed the group Zion I. Furthermore, the duo released several albums from 2000 to 2012.

    Unfortunately, the HipHop group disbanded in 2016 when Amp Life departed from the duo. Even so, Zumbi continued to release albums under the Zion I name, starting with 2016’s The Labyrinth. Additionally, sources reported that the Bay Area legend was still performing at concerts as early as July of this year. Before Zumbi’s untimely death, him and Amp Life had made plans to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their 2000 LP Mind Over Matter during a fall tour. Having lived out a successful career, it seems like Zumbi lived a good life. May he rest in peace.

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