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    Batman The Audio Adventures, Podcast Stories From Spotify

    Finally, DC has brought the audio storytelling back to fruition with our favorite Caped Crusader as our star. Audio storytelling is not new but how we get them is and now podcasts make up a large chunk of our consumed content. DC’s new series, Batman: The Audio Aventures brings back the yesteryear Noir style of storytelling. Moreover, the storytelling format is exciting as the listener must imagine the details in their mind to allow the story to come to life. 

    Batman: The Audio Adventure
    BATMAN the Audio Adventures. DC Partners with Spotify to present an audio storytelling program.
    Via HBO Max & Spotify

    In preparation for DC’s Fandome Global Event on October 16th, they hosted the first episode on their main site at 35 minutes long. This is to intrigue fans to visit their partner Spotify for the continuation of the story. The first two episodes are up now with only one listed on their main site.


    As we begin, the setting is Gotham City. After years of vigilante crimefighting, Batman prepares to become an official Gotham employee. Next, Catwoman is still up to her old tricks of thieving. Additionally, Two-face struggles while his two persona halves fight for control as Penguin awaits to take advantage. Last, The Riddler is desperate to be taken seriously. As always,The Joker plots away. This time, it is for Valentine’s Day (HBO Max and Spotify).


    Chris Parnell will serve as the DJ and narrator as Dr. Decibel, doing his best to immerse the listeners in this tale. Other actors mentioned that are included are listed below.

    Actor Character
    Chris Parnell Dr. Decible
    Jeffrey Wright Batman
    Rosario Dawson Catwoman
    John Leguizamo The Riddler


    Listen to the first episode, Batman: The Audio Adventures, and head over to Spotify to continue the story with episode two.

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