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    Barack Obama Shares His List of His Favorite Things

    Former President, Barack Obama, couldn’t let this year slip by without sharing a list of his favorite things from 2018.

    Following tradition, Barack Obama shared what’s been keeping his interest all year long. He let everyone see what books he enjoyed, what movies he enjoyed, and what songs he couldn’t help but replay.

    On his list of favorite things, you’ll find songs by artists like Cardi B, J. Cole, The Carters, Khalid and Normani, Janelle Monae, Chance the Rapper, and Jay Rock and Kendrick Lamar.

    The nice thing about Obama’s lists is that he makes sure to not just include household names. He sheds light on a few people that we may have never known about.

    Take a look at his original post to see what he had to say.

    Obama couldn’t share his list of favorite books for the year, without throwing a major shoutout to Michelle Obama. He puts her name at the top of his list. As he should!

    He only includes 15 movies that he enjoyed.

    However, there’s no mention of the popular Netflix film that’s taken the internet by storm, Bird Box. Maybe, he just hasn’t had a chance to watch it…or maybe he’s above the craze.

    Anyway, are there any movies, books, or songs he forgot?


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