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    Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson Can’t Do Anything Right it Seems

    Baltimore Ravens’ star quarterback, Lamar Jackson, had a tough week. He didn’t make it to a top 10 list evaluated by players and executives, which was disappointing for him. Besides, he faced criticism from former Ravens safety Bernard Pollard. In response, Jackson defended himself in a typical manner. Yet, as a professional athlete, such actions are generally discouraged.

    The following day, different networks talked about this matter and criticized Jackson. Experience has taught us that during negotiations, it’s often better to stay quiet and let things unfold naturally. Any advantage gained by the other side in negotiations may be used against achieving the desired outcome.

    Fox Sports reporter Skip Bayless expressed disappointment in Jackson’s behavior on the show “Undisputed.” While acknowledging Jackson’s NFL talent, he questions his progress over time. The criticism may not be from the most credible source, but many people share similar concerns about Jackson’s passing ability, suggesting his career could decline if not improved.

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    Lamar Jackson May Regret This Down The Road

    Being a former MVP, Jackson should focus his energy on more important matters, not on Pollard. Pollard was a good player on winning NFL teams but lacks the same recognition as Jackson. Jackson’s response to Pollard’s comments was regrettable, and hopefully, it won’t impact his contract negotiations in this crucial season.

    Despite proving himself as one of the top quarterbacks, it’s true that his performance has declined since his MVP season, partly due to injuries. These factors raise concerns about his potential to lead a franchise. The Ravens will likely assess his performance this year before making any decisions. If Jackson excels, he may secure the contract he desires. However, if he underperforms, he could explore the free agent market.

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