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    Bad Bunny Tosses Fans Phone In DR For Violating Personal Space

    It doesn’t cost a dollar to show love to someone, especially if you are a celebrity. Everyone knows that time is one of the most valuable assets, and sharing your time with a fan could truly change their life. So I never understood why celebs overreact to annoying fans, similar to International superstar Bad Bunny.

    Move Like A Star

    A viral video showed Bad Bunny in the Dominican Republic tossing a fan’s phone for invading his personal space. You would think someone of his stature understands that overbearing fans come with the territory of being a celebrity. But clearly, this shows what level of stardom he’s at. A real superstar like MJ would’ve embraced them with love, and kept it moving.

    The worst part about the video is that you could see the shock on her face. One second her phone is in her hand, and now it’s swimming with the fish. If that were me, I would’ve pressed charges or sued. That is how petty of a person I am. If anything, Bad Bunny should be upset with his security for even letting her get that close. There’s even a second clip of him doing this a second time while at a Dominican Republic nightclub. This shows he hasn’t learned his lesson.

    Playing Devil’s Advocate

    But to play devil’s advocate, I do understand his frustration because they violated his personal space. This probably happens to him so much. This was likely his breaking point. He also needs to learn to give better apologies. The one he gave was half-assed. Overall, he could have handled way this whole situation better.

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