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    Bad Bunny Sued Over “Safaera” Copyright Infringement

    Popular Latin singer Bad Bunny, and producer Tainy are in some deep water. Company AOM Music is suing them for a song called “Safaera”. The song is on Bad Bunny’s sophomore album YHLQMDLG.

    As a matter of fact, the lawsuit takes place in Los Angeles jurisdiction at a Californian Central Court. In fact, there is an apparent violation of the copyright law from previous works by Pedro Torruellas. The  world of entertainment recognizes him as DJ Playero, one of the pioneers of urban music.

    Also, legal documents state the alleged copyright takes place on three previous works done by DJ Playero including “Besa tu Cuerpo”, “Cho** con bi**” and “Sigan Bailando“. Additionally part of these tracks are present in “Safaera”, consequently lack licensing or authorization.

    According to the suit, the song narrates a five-minute homage to the mixtapes of DJ Playero which summarizes the genre in the 90s.

    Additionally, the lawsuit mentions artists Jowell and Randy who have a feature on the song, and it states:

    “On information and belief, Defendants were well aware of the need to ‘clear’ the various third-party works sampled on “Safaera”. Furthermore, obtaining licenses to each because it demonstrates by the actual fact, Melissa Elliott aka Missy Elliot is credited as a writer on “Safaera” due to its sampling of her hit song “Get Ur Freak On”.

    For one thing, it’s not the first time this song highlighted a licensing issue. On May 4, 2020, Spotify removed the song. Because the defendants did not remove a sample of the song and re-establish it on the digital music service. This occurred after they obtained said authorization.

    Unaware of Any Lawsuit

    The DJ himself hopped on Instagram to give a lengthy comment about his perspective of the situation. He stated that he doesn’t have any knowledge of the lawsuit. And he has no idea who is profiting from his music.

    “I, DJ Playero, am not signed with anyone. I do not know that company. I’m not profiting from anyone, and I have no knowledge of that lawsuit,” he stated. “I ask you to give me the space to inform myself with my lawyers and take the best action in this regard.”


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