Bachi Shares New Song “Amber Rose” With TY-44


Entertainer Amber Rose has been the object of affection for most hip-hop stars within Pop Culture in the last decade. Today, emerging 141st Lane Music poster boy Bachi shares his appreciation for the blonde bombshell in the new single “Amber Rose.” Joined by buzzing recording artist TY-44, Bachi shares his obsession with various hobbies and everything about Amber Rose.

“This song truly was all of my interests in a melting pot, and I knew getting TY-44 would help curate the vibes,” says Bachi in the press release. “Amber Rose, basketball, skating, and video games are All I’m referencing in a new flow I’ve never tapped into.”

“Amber Rose” follows recent hits “Ándale” and “Stop It” featuring Facey. For newfound fans, “Amber Rose” is the perfect origin point to hop on the Florida native’s bandwagon.

“Amber Rose” is produced by 100Graham. Stream it below, and afterward, feel free to follow Bachi on social media.

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