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    Former 1017 Signee Baby Racks Dropped By Gucci Mane for Takeoff Comments

    One day, everyone will realize that freedom of speech doesn’t exist. Unless you are your boss and sign your checks, you still answer to somebody, especially if you are a music artist. Just because your career path lets you be more outspoken than most, it doesn’t equate to moving how you want. Former 1017 signee Baby Racks had to learn this lesson the hard way this week.

    During the aftermath of the murder of the third member of Migos, Takeoff, people expressed their thoughts on social media. Anytime there is a tragedy, people on Twitter magically transform into conspiracy theorists. With that, people speak their minds about situations they don’t know all the facts about. Baby Racks were one of those people. The only difference was that there were immediate consequences for his actions.

    Jackass Behavior

    In a now-deleted tweet, Baby Racks promised never to step foot in Houston. He even warned H-Town promoters not to attempt to reach out for bookings because he is not interested. For a new artist, this had to be one of the dumbest decisions and counter-productive.

    Someone from his team should’ve pulled him to the side and let him know that he was tripping hard. Gucci Mane and the Migos go way back, and they look up to him as a mentor. So best believe, he didn’t take kindly to these disrespectful tweets.

    Giving Baby Racks a taste of his own medicine, Gucci made sure to repay the favor. “Congratulations to Baby Racks, the first artist to get signed and dropped in a day. That dude is not signed to 1017.” This is the first time I saw someone get dropped from their label via Twitter. How do you get fired on your day off?

    Might’ve F*cked Up Big

    Baby Racks seriously might’ve ruined his one big opportunity to make it big. Now he has to start over and hopefully find a new label. Hopefully, he learned a valuable lesson and how to mind his business.

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