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    Baby Keem Sets Release Date for ‘Melodic Blue’

    Baby Keem

    Durag Activity: Baby Keem Single

    Durag Activity! Baby Keem set the summer off with the catchy song written in ode to the culture of black men, self-care and pride.

    Black men have been sporting durags since the 60’s. Durags date back to the first article written about the functional fashion accessory. The article refers to the headpiece as a ‘Do Rag’ featured in the Akron Beacon Journal in 1966 according to

    During the 19th century, slave women wore rags around their heads to secure their hair while working in the hot sun. In the ’70s, companies adopted the garment, calling it a ‘tie down.’

    Since then, the durag became a symbol of fashionable masculinity, used to train normally kinky hair to silky sleek waves. The durag is somewhat similar to how women idolize hairstyling—petitioning to have the best hair.

    The Project

    Durag Activity hit the airways on April 30 of 2021, casting a heatwave for summer with a little history in lieu of explicit lyrics.

    Travis Scott lends the new artist his talents on the song, making it the first time the artist collaborated with any other celebs, according to The single’s debut secured the 85th slot on Billboards Hot 100.

    The Golden State rapper announced his release date for his debut album Melodic Blue, posted on his Instagram page.

    PjLang, Kendrick Lamar’s multi-lingual at service company, will release the album. However, according to, the company is not a record label. PjLang, a subsidiary of Columbia Records, is an imprint of Sony organized by Lamar.

    In 2019, Baby Keem released a mixtape called Die For My Bi***, a footprint of his coming debut album. Over the past month, the artist has been on fire. He released Family Ties, a track he collaborates with his cousin, Kendrick Lamar. Keem also gifts his talents to Kanye West’s Praise God, a track from Donda.

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