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    B.o.B Might Be Going To Court Soon

    B.o.B didn’t have the best response to his music career years back. At the time, the celebrity rapper lashed out at fans on all his social media platforms, claiming that no one supported his music career. Unfortunately, B.o.B didn’t just struggle with taking home awards, he also had financial problems. Recently, rapper B.o.B’s former managers accused him of owing them millions of dollars. Now they’re planning to sue the rapper and take him to court.

    Ex-Managers Plan To Take B.o.B To Court

    via TheDrop

    It’s one thing for an artist to sue a corrupt manager or record label company. Though, in B.o.B’s case, he’s being sued by his former managers. According to court documents, Round Hill Music and Artists Rights Management accused B.o.B of breaking his 2017 contracts.

    Apparently, rapper B.o.B was supposed to pay them a “certain percentage from royalties stemming from the live performances of his songs.” Oddly enough, there’s no evidence to show the financial breakdown of the deal. Despite the fact, his ex-managers have demanded $3 million in unpaid royalties. Furthermore, TMZ HipHop reported that B.o.B has 20 days to respond to the claims, otherwise he’ll suffer the consequences. Sounds like the managers really want their cut of his proceeds.

    The Lawsuit Is News To Him

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    The managers may have threatened B.o.B to provide a response to the claims and a lawsuit. However, the rapper has already issued a statement to TMZ HipHop on the matter. According to B.o.B, he doesn’t know what’s going on. He hasn’t seen the lawsuit in writing, nor was he aware of the “agreements” his ex-managers had in place.

    “I take my business seriously and plan to figure out the truth of what happened,” he told the publication.

    Apparently, the managers didn’t give rapper B.o.B a heads up on the lawsuit. It’s no wonder he fell out of business with them in the first place.

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