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    B.O.B Ended His Career With A Series Of Instagram Rants

    Coming up in the music industry and making a name for ourselves can be difficult. Even sometimes, downright discouraging. Rising rapper B.O.B had been on the track for success in 2010. However, the star single-handedly ruined his shot at making it big after committing social media suicide. Ultimately, the breakout rapper turned off fans with a series of Instagram rants. Unfortunately, success didn’t come fast enough for the rapper. Even worse, B.O.B almost ruined his chances at becoming a huge rap star. Luckily today, he’s turned over a new leaf and still releasing new music.

                B.O. B’s Instagram Rants Nearly Destroyed His Career

    Instagram Rants
    via 20oceansvibe

    One minute, social media can help further an artist’s career. However, it can also destroy them in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, B.O.B fell on the wrong side of social media after posting a handful of Instagram Rants back in September of 2019. The 37-year-olds complaints seemingly went on for 3 consecutive days.

    According to sources, B.O.B made a video and tweets about his frustration at his fanbase’s dwindling support for his music. However, the artist broke the camel’s back after posting yet another video. In a short clip obtained by The Jasmine Brand, B.O.B lies up in bed and goes off on his 714,000 Instagram followers. “You ain’t support s***. And you don’t give a f*** about me,” the artist said in the 2019 video. Throughout much of the video, the artist continuously drops f bombs, basically cursing out the fans. While fans were turned off by his Instagram rant, they could of at least sympathize with the guy. Arguably, people need to respect and support struggling artist a lot more than they do. It’s a cruel world out there.

                B.O.B Slowly Rebuilds His Music Career

    Instagram Rants
    via Nicki Swift

    B.O.B almost ended his music career for good with a series of Instagram rants back in 2019. Fortunately, the 37-year-old made up with his fans and went back into the studio to produce some new material. He really tapped into his creative side during the pandemic and government shutdowns in the spring of 2020. By the fall of that year, though, B.O.B had returned to the spotlight with his new album Somnia. While the reviews for the album were mostly mixed, some fans agreed that it had been his best work yet. Hopefully, B.O.B achieves the success he deserves.




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