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    Azealia Banks Supports Gov. Ron DeSantis All The Way

    When it comes to Azealia Banks, there’s nothing but word vomit that leaves her mouth. The former rap star has made several insensitive remarks about female stars, such as Lizzo and her long-time arch nemesis, Lana Del Rey. Making matters worse, her online shenanigans have left many questioning her sanity.

    Though, Azealia Banks has seemingly set her sights on politics and of course, she has plenty to say. Recently, she announced her support for Florida governor Ron DeSantis.

    She Shows Love To Governor Ron DeSantis

    There’s no stopping rapper Azealia Banks at this point. The “Count Contessa” rapper has made it clear that she’s here to stay whether we like it or not. Furthermore, the “212” emcee  made the news again after praising Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for his leadership skills.

    During an interview with The Guardian, the controversial rapper, shared that the governor’s pragmatic leadership makes her feel safer. Apparently, DeSantis was the whole reason she decided to leave California and move to Miami. Back in L.A, Banks shared that she felt like “she needed to protect herself with a gun.” Given the number of people she’s fallen out with, we can see why. Furthermore, she commended Gov. Ron DeSantis for fixing “practical issues and focusing his attention on the basic s**t.” Clearly, Banks is a huge fan of the Republican.

    Will Azealia Banks Vote Him Into The White House?

    Like Azealia Banks, many things have been said about Florida’s republican governor, most of which aren’t too flattering for the politician. Furthermore, Gov. Ron DeSantis has been demonized for his governing style. In fact, his attempts at doing away with freedom of speech, prohibiting teachings of gender equality and sexual orientation and the fact that banned African American Studies in classrooms has drawn criticism from people everywhere. He’s even a fan of the Stop Woke Law, which basically argues that racism in America doesn’t exist. Not to mention, he’s pals with former president Donald Trump.

    Making matters worse, he’s teased the possibility of running for the 2024 Presidential election. Given that Azealia Banks supports DeSantis, we’re wondering if she’d pull a Kanye and endorse the politician? Arguably, we don’t need a Donald Trump twin in the White House.

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