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    Azealia Banks Roasts Kendrick Lamar in Drake Feud

    In hip-hop, feuds are as rampant as killer hooks and ill beats. The latest feud involves two of the biggest names in the game, Kendrick Lamar and Drake. Nonetheless, they are not the only two rappers making headlines in the ongoing feud. Azealia Banks, who is known for her sharp tongue and unfiltered thoughts, has done a hilarious “roast” of Kendrick Lamar while backing up Drake.

    Azealia Banks has aimed at Kendrick Lamar, labeling him the “most boring rapper ever.” The outspoken rapper, known for her fiery lyrics and unfiltered opinions, has sided with Drake in the ongoing feud between the two rap titans.

    Banks took to Instagram to share her thoughts, alleging that Lamar “never said anything interesting across his fifteen million diss tracks.” She even chastised other major names in the industry, such as the Toronto rapper Rick Ross and Kanye West.

    “Everybody gotta stop acting like all the rap artists don’t have work done,” she wrote, pointing out the industry’s hypocrisy. She criticized Lamar for his insecurities, suggesting that they were the driving force behind his attacks on Drake. Banks questioned why Lamar would call Drake a pedophile when the legal age of consent varies from state to state. She also called out Lamar for not speaking up about political issues, implying that his focus was misplaced.

    However, her outrage did not stop there. Questioning the origin and quality of Lamar’s music, Banks warned that

    “The beat that n*a rapped on was so dumb trash, and the mix was muddy as hell, lol” and that “everybody needs to quit the bullst; Drake won!!!”

    Kendrick Lamar’s and Drake’s beef started in the early 2010s, with the escalating conflict beginning in March 2024. “Like That” by Future, Metro Boomin, and Lamar premiered approximately one month ago, and Drake and Lamar regularly dissed each other. In 2011, the artists collaborated on Drake’s Take Care, and in 2012, they collaborated on Lamar’s Good Kid, M.A.A.D City. Finally, in 2013, Lamar dissed Drake and a few other rivaling rappers in Big Sean’s Control. Whether Kendrick meant his words is up for debate, but the evidence points to “friendly”; otherwise, he would have dissed Drake openly.

    Lamar disses J. Cole and Drake After J. Cole announced on “First Person Shooter” that he, Drake, and Lamar were the “Big Three” of hip hop. Drake released “Push Ups” and “Taylor Made Freestyle” in April, to which Lamar dropped “Euphoria” on the 30th (“Septuple Threat”), and “6:16 in LA” on May 3rd. Later that day, Drake released “Family Matters,” insulting Lamar with accusations of domestic abuser and multiple fathers with one of Lamar’s children supposedly being fathered by Dave Free.

    Azealia Banks, never one to shy away from controversy, publicly sided with Drake in his ongoing feud with Kendrick Lamar. She expressed her views on her Instagram stories on May 3, 2024. Banks addressed Kendrick Lamar as a “nepo baby” and made it clear she prefers Drake, responding to a Billboard magazine post that read “Kendrick’s response was worth the wait.” “No, it was not,” she wrote. “Kendrick is still 4’9” and wears the same jean size as me. No one on earth cares about the feelings of small, fake gangsta nepo babies.”

    Banks has previously commented on this viral rap scandal. A few days ago, she posted an article from Billboard that trumpeted Lamar’s track “euphoria” heard it up for a while. In response, Banks scoffed at it, writing, “No, it was not!” and crowning Drake as the real winner.

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