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    Azealia Banks Gushes Over Asian Doll’s Looks

    It’s not everyday that the notorious Azealia Banks has anything great to say about celebrities. Fans may recall her bitter feud with Lana Del Ray and Cardi B. Fortunately, Banks has seemingly changed her tune on the latter of the three, shouting nothing but praises for the “Bodak Yellow” rapper. Furthermore, Azealia Banks continued to spread her good cheer with other female rappers, like Asian Doll. Recently, Banks gushed over everything about Asian Doll, including her looks.

    Azealia Banks Gushes Over Asian Doll’s Attractiveness


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    It appears that Azealia Banks has really turned over a new leaf this week. Rather than bashing every female celebrity in sight on social media, she’s handing out compliments. For instance, when it came to discussing the best female rap stars in the industry, Banks gave out praises right and left. While deeming Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” the best record in hip-hop history , Banks gushed over Asian Doll’s attractiveness.

    “Sis is g as f**k but with her beauty she could really give the most random spice girl zigazigah raps and body sh*t. I’m dead serious,” Banks recently tweeted.

    Looks aside, Banks did give Asian Doll actual props on her rap skills and artistry. Azealia Banks doesn’t always have the nicest things to say about female celebrities but she managed to give a compliment this time. Good for her.

    The Fans Bash Azealia Banks

    Asian Doll
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    Despite the fact that Banks paid a Asian Doll a compliment , fans weren’t buying her act. Many on Twitter and Instagram downright wondered why her opinion even matters. One fan on Instagram called the former rap star “flakey.” Unfortunately, Azealia Banks hasn’t won over the masses yet. She still has a lot of damage control to do to correct her public image. Luckily, she made the first great step by paying Asian Doll a compliment.

    What do you think of Azealia Banks’ compliment to Asian Doll? Leave your comments below!

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